Pull Up a Seat and Stay Awhile...

We're in the middle of a blizzard...15-20 inches are expected to fall by tomorrow night.  I'm kind of in denial about the whole thing, except that we've been cooped up inside now for days on end.  I'm over winter.  I am truly hoping this is our last BIG storm of the season, but I think I know better than to hope for that so soon.  It's just that those 40 degree days this week were so amazing...
Anyway, we've had a fun couple of days, just hanging out at home as a family.  I'm not sure any of this is totally blog worthy, but I know I'll start hearing from the Grandparents if I don't get something up with some pictures :) So, here are a few snapshots from the last couple of days...
Love my little guy in his striped shirt :)
Daddy loves him too...
...however, he was NOT expecting this little surprise!
Yes, that is what it looks like.  Carter managed to spit up, right on Trav's chin. 
Hilarious and gross :)
Partly because I've been cooped up inside for days and partly because I thought Ava needed more floor space, I re-arranged her room a little bit this weekend.  We used to have a big chaise lounge in this corner with a round side table, holding a lamp and some picture frames.
With the addition of this sweet little chair, I thought it made more sense to let Ava enjoy a kid-friendly reading corner, instead of the set-up we had before. 
Now she has more space on her floor to play and a sweet spot to lounge with her books.
Which is exactly how I found her this morning after she woke up :)
Stretched out in her new chair, with her blankie and a stack of books.  
I think she likes it :)
I wonder how many years I'll let this dresser go with that missing knob??
So far we're going on 7 years.  Ha ha!  I want to replace all of those knobs with glass ones, so I keep thinking that I'll just wait until I buy new ones.  The problem is, I keep forgetting about it and have yet to buy new ones :) I don't even notice it anymore, but I suppose it is kind of glaring, huh?
Now that I moved the bookcase from this corner, it's a little bare! 
Graciously, the same family that gave us that blue chair, also gave us this darling easel!  It's got a whiteboard on the other side, isn't that great??  I know Ava is going to love this and for now, it works in that corner. 
These two little monkeys have been getting along so well lately!
Carter is Mr. Mellow Yellow these days...
And Ava is all about being as close to him as possible :)

Sweet sister...
...sweet brother.

That about sums up our last few days!  We'll be digging out tomorrow I'm afraid.  The plows have been going strong all day and it looks like they've barely made a dent. 
Winter in's not for the faint of heart :)


Erin said...

When will the SNOW end?!?! There are super cute knobs on Etsy that are hand painted.. Alex has some on her dresser and I love them :).

Where did you get the chair from? We are thinking about getting alex a chair for her birthday and I can't decide where from.

Ron and Peggy said...

Carter looks almost as big as Ava! I love the reading chair, just what a little Minnesota girl needs in the winter. You all will certainly enjoy your trip to Abilene after this.


That snow is just crazy. I don't remember it being quite that bad last year. Maybe I shall have to go see what your blog said last winter!