Happy Birthday to You!

 Dear Ava Page...
It's hard for me to believe that we are about to celebrate your 2nd birthday already!  In so many ways, I feel like I just brought you home from the hospital and stopped nursing you just a few weeks ago :)
Instead, two whole years have gone by and you've grown into the sweetest little GIRL right before our eyes!  Your baby days are long behind you and your Daddy and I are amazed at all the ways you are changing. 

Ava, we just love and adore you.  As we turn the page on another new year of being your parents, it's my prayer that the Lord would continue to soften your heart for Him and for the things that please Him. 
We are committed to cultivating in you, the same character qualities that we are constantly working on in us.  God has given you a joyful spirit and a tender heart and we know that as you grow and mature, those are just a few areas that He will use you to honor Him.  It makes us proud to see you love your little brother, to see you be kind to him and to exercise your patience.  We love that you are beginning to remember some truths about who Jesus is and how much He loves you!  Nothing matters more to us than that.  Even at two, we hope and pray that we will be wise and faithful to demonstrate His love for you, through our love and training. 

From the minute you were born you have brought your Daddy and I so much JOY!  I will never forget that day in the hospital and the tears that streamed from my face when I held you and stared in those little eyes.  The magnitude of being your Mom and Dad overtook us and we quickly knew that we were smitten for life! 

We love you sweet Ava and we always will.  Many people tell us how challenging this next year will most likely be and they're probably right.  However, no matter how many ups and downs we encounter, we can promise you that we will do our very best to be on our knees, seeking the wisdom of the Lord over you.  We know that He has every answer because He created YOU and He has your very best in mind.  We promise to take good care of your heart as we navigate these new waters together. 
We are so thankful that God chose us to be your Mom and Dad.  
We definitely got the better end of that deal! 

Happy Birthday precious Ava! 
You are dearly loved...
Always and forever. 


Darla said...

So sweet. Happy birthday, dear Ava. You are so blessed to have the loving, godly parents you do. Don't be too rough on them during the two's.

Erin said...

hope she has an amazing birthday :)

Toni :O) said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your adorable little gal! She sure is growing fast! Careful, in a blink of an eye she'll be a teenager (at least that's what is going on in my house this December...sheesh, unbelieveable!).