Turning Two!

So yesterday was Miss Ava's big day! 
She turned the big "2" and we had a jam-packed day of fun for her!
I decided to put this outfit on her, because I LOVE it but also because it makes me giggle...
I had her ONE YEAR pictures taken in it last May :)
And yes, it still fits quite comfortably...what a little peanut she is.

Baby Stella is the name of her game this year!  She's totally into her dolls and specifically this baby. 
Texie bought her this little sleep sack for her baby and she just loves to carry her around in it :)
Everything about this picture makes me want to cry and grin at the same time. 
First of all, they were precious yesterday in their outfits so of course I had to capture it...alone I might add.  Travis was at a meeting so I'm amazed that I actually got this picture!
  What a sweet blessing to think that last year, we had no idea what sibling God had chosen for Ava and this year, we are so thankful it was precious Carter all along! 
So fun to celebrate a birthday with family!
Because it was a Sunday, this little girl recieved several presents while we were at Church from friends and family.  You can imagine it took her no time to immediately open those gifts and play with her new things!
Is this purse not the CUTEST thing ever???
So loved, she is!
Of course she also had some fun on the eve of her birthday, opening her present from my Sister and Brother in law, while we skyped with them!
The joy of technology!
We went to bed very excited about her birthday and the little party we had planned for her!
Unfortunately, Minnesota is still freezing, so we had to nix our original plan to be at the park and instead we moved the fun to the gym at our Church.  Thankfully, it appears as if we're at the beach due to the murals in the childrens wing :) It did wonders for my mood! Ha!

Favors for the kids :)  

I made them all cookies to take home.  Loved how they turned out!
The birthday girl and I while everyone sang to her. 
So cute, she loved it.
Begging me for cookies :)
She got all she wanted last night!
Who knew all she ever wanted was a big gym, balls, hoola hoops and friends to play with??
She was beside herself with pure joy all night, running around like crazy.
You'd never know it by this picture, but she was having a great time!
And Carter got no attention at all :)
I'm telling you, Trav's P.E. degree comes in handy all the time...
He was the activity director :)
Cute friends...
Simple joys :)
Too much sugar Clara???
Carter's future girlfriend, Clara, and her parents...
Ava's future husband, Callan, and part of his family :)
Our sweet friends and soon-to-be new parents!!
The sweetest little brothers and their Mom and Dad :)
Ava is also allowed to date or marry any of them!
Ava's favorite hair stylist and our friends :)
Trav's junior high associate and her husband, one of Ava's favorite reasons to go to Church on Wednesday see Miss Jackie!
Thankful for a fun night with our birthday girl!
 Because yesterday was such a long day, we delayed most of her present opening until tonight. 
She's still young enough to do that and we're thankful :)
She dug right in though, while Carter ate his toes...
One fun thing after another!
If I can't open any presents, can I at least chew on the gift bags??
One of my favorite gifts for her little kitchen, are they cute or what???
Also found this little apron for my little helper :) 
Bubbles were the big hit of the evening though!
Gotta love what thrills a 2 year old!
I think it's safe to say this was a fun birthday for Miss Ava! 
I know her parents are sure exhausted from all the fun...
We are grateful for a sweet daughter...
For another year from the Lord with her...
For family and friends who love her so well and so generously...
and for a lifetime of birthdays to look forward to!


Darla said...

Oh man! So many things about this post made me smile...Ava's outfit, those delicious cupcake cones, Carter chewing his toes in the background, thinking of Ava and her littlest Crebar boyfriend in silent play, and imagining if Carter and Clara really did date one day. Thanks again for including us in this celebration. So fun to think it was just a few years ago we were praying that God would bless you with children. And now our kids are playing together...or at least chewing on toes and toys in the same room. And yes, because Clara was already experiencing a sugar high, Mommy and Daddy enjoyed her delicious party favor.

Rebecca Jo said...

Happy Birthday to that adorable little Ava! I cant believe she's 2!!! WOW!

Look at her spread of sweets for her party - now THATS a party! :)

I love the little cupcakes for her own kitchen. She's just like her mommy!

I know my friends children have "Violet" & I love to play with it myself. I always tell my friends to program MY name in it! :)

Jesse and Stacie said...

Fun to recap the day with you all. Happy birthday sweet Ava Pagey!!! Looks like a fun time, cupcakes and cookies turned out so cute too.

SM Anderson said...

I was going to ask you this morning about cookies for Ava's party but I forgot. They looked great along with everything else. You are setting some very high expectations for birthdays to come :-) I am glad you had as much planning it as Ava had enjoying her day. You are a great mommy!!!!