Just Add Water

We have been making the most of our summer heat wave around here! 
 We've got two little waterbugs and thankfully for them, lots of opportunites to get wet :)
They spent lots of time at my parents house last week, in this little pool that my Mom bought...
And playing with this hopscotch game we bought.
Love the face!
Life is rough when you are 2 and 9 months!
Whoever said measuring cups were only good in the kitchen obviously never played with them in the pool!
After we got home, we were invited to some friends of ours home for a poolside dinner.  This was Carter's first time in a big pool and it was the same pool that Ava went swimming in for the first time a few years ago!
She still loves it!
And so did Carter.  He hung on the steps with Daddy for quite awhile, sucking on his hands and splashing...and yet, this kid still hates his bath...sigh.
Ava decided she is a fan of fresh salsa like her parents :)
It never tastes so good as when it's poolside however.
On Friday we had a little picnic in our backyard...
Which this little peanut loved!
Side note, do you recognize her little suit?  You might because she wore it last year too.  It's a 6-12 mo suit and it still fits!  Hilarious.
We also blew up our little pool from last year to enjoy, which was a tough sell for Carter.
The water was a little too cold for his liking :)
No problem for his sister though.
She was all about the water!
Eventually Carter gave in and had a good time...
...and so did his parents.
Love this little blue-eyed blondie!
Tonight we took the kids to our favorite splash pad and it took Ava all of 10 seconds to remember it from last year.  She was a wild woman!
So chic in her hat...
...but WILD under all those ruffles!
Carter checked the whole scene out with Daddy... 
...and decided it looked fun!
The view from up here looked sweet to our Ava.  She went down this slide no less than 50 times I'm sure!
Last year I had to put her on this turtle.  This year she climbed on.
Man, she's getting so big.
Bath toys to the rescue for Carter!
He is a big fan of the zero depth pool for little guys like him!
I love that hair, it clearly has a mind of its own, even when wet.
Because she has no fear of things that might be fun...
This didn't bother her!
And neither did all of this.
Two little water bugs, who will probably sleep well tonight.
Right Carter??
I'm talking to you buddy! 
This tired Mom will sleep well tonight! 
What simple fun we are having these days. 
Yep, just add water and the Armstrongs are bound to be happy about it!

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Ron and Peggy said...

They are so cute playing in the water. Carter's hair just keeps getting lighter!