Things Learned in a Heat Wave

Hmmm, so many things to post about...What to choose first????

-I don't know because I haven't watched much of the news, but is is hot all over the country or just here??  And when I say hot, do you have a 110 heat index with like an 89 degree dewpoint?? Or something like that??  All I know is that we set major records yesterday for dew point and humidity and now all I can think about is, how soon until Fall???  Although I'm glad it's summer and it's not snowing, this kind of heat is really hard to deal with when you have small children.  They LONG to be outside and I LONG to let them be outside, but the responsible parent in me screams...No.  It's too hot.  Even the pool sounds miserable right now!  Mostly because of all the work to get there and the lack of relaxing that actually goes on :)

Lesson #1- It's terribly hard to have two kids under two, when it's 100 degrees outside and Daddy's at work.  I can only take soooo many episodes of Elmo and Bob the Builder.

-I have a to-do list that is growing by the second.  Did I mention that Travis is going to Peru in 3 days?  Hmm, maybe not but he is.  He'll be out of the country for 12 days, therefore, I am out of my mind trying to pack for his out of the country experience.  Oddly enough, it will be a cool relief for him to head to South America.  Does that makes sense to you??  Doesn't anything that begins with "south" signal "hot" to you?? 

Lesson #2- When it's unbearably hot in Minnesota, in the dead of summer, head SOUTH.  Where it gets cooler???

-Remember the to-do list and the bored kids??  I'm basically spinning in circles over here, getting little to nothing done.  *Lucky* for me, Carter is teething and trying to crawl/escape his sister all at once.  This means that my smiley little guy is only a smiley little guy when I'm holding him or helping him stand.  He's currently not a fan of eating, sitting, jumping in his jumper or playing on the floor with toys.  Which leaves my two big options as standing or sleeping.  Which praise the Lord, he's at least willing to do the sleeping, especially with the help of a little motrin.  Ava on the other hand, enjoys thoroughly, anything that I've previously told her "no" about.  These things include: torturing her brother, climbing and LEAPING off the furniture, dumping each basket of toys on every clean surface in the house, opening the refrigerator to help herself to another cheese slice, rearranging my baskets of clean/folded laundry, begging to watch another show and just generally whining.  Mmmm, good times, good times...

Lesson #3- Having a "to-do" list in addition to having kids, is futile.  An excersise in contradiction really. 

So there you have it, a deeply reflective post on this oppressively hot day.  I've got lots to do, kids that have "nothing" to do and the growing sense that I'll never get anything done :) How's that for an unsolveable puzzle??  Oh, and it's hot out.  Like Amazon hot.  Did I mention that?? 

Stay cool friends, stay cool...


Ron and Peggy said...

That's hard to believe! 100? We got to 99 but dry as a bone. Few showers in the area but I bet it evaporates before it hits the ground! Take care. Thinking about you all and praying for you during this very busy, busy time.

Manda (+2) said...

Oh steph. I'm so sorry. Hang in there woman! You've got this. And God's got you. Lean hard into Him. BIG HUGS! and wishing for a cool breeze (our) way.