3 Generations of Armstrong

We were so grateful that we were able to spend a day with Trav's Dad, Stepmom and Stepbrothers after Thanksgiving.  It's so hard having family so far away but when we are able to see each other it's always very special.  This was incredibly sweet for us because it was Grandpa and Grandma Armstrong's first time to meet Carter!  And he did not disappoint, they were taken by their little blonde swede!!
A little Armstrong and 2 big Armstrongs!
Grandma Pam loving on Ava!  It's pretty ironic how many nurses are now in my life, but it's really great too!  Pam works with kids in the ER and is an EXCELLENT resource for all kinds of things.  She gave me great advice minutes after Carter cut his head open.  I have a feeling I'll be making some calls to her in the future!
Trav's younger stepbrothers are so great!  We love them so much and it took Ava all of about 10 minutes to fall in love with her handsome uncles :)
She was into playing this bags game with them, she made a great gopher and they were sweet to let her play with them.
I told them it's now my mission to start praying for them to find sweet, GODLY girls to marry!!  We love these two and we can't believe how old they are getting!  But I suppose they think the same about us, haha!
We couldn't get these two off the couch, they just wanted to cuddle with Sean and Jake!
I love the way Carty is looking at Jake!  They were mesmorized :)
We went to a little local restaurant and Ava was a wild woman!  Pam was so sweet with her, she had the locals laughing with all her "energy" :)
She also had her Grandpa smitten too!
The future of the Armstrong men, haha!
Honestly, when we got married Jake and Sean were way shorter than look!! 
Jake makes me look like a kid :)
Sean, I feel bad about this picture!  When I asked you to take it, I thought it was just going to be Pam and I and the kids.  Now when I see it, I feel bad that everyone hopped in and you were stuck behind the camera!  If I would have thought the locals could have handled the camera, I would have asked them to take it...but you saw who we sat near, I think we were pretty much on our own!!  Ha ha!
Like Father, like Son.  I think Trav looks a lot like his Dad as he gets older. 
Thankful I married into a handsome family :)
We love Grandpa and Grandma Armstrong!!!
Thanks so much for coming to see us and spend some time with us.  So glad you got to love on Ava and Carter and as always, we love catching up with you too!  Love you guys, it was a great day!! 

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