Thanksgiving 2011

We spent our Thanksgiving in Texas this year, at Ron and Peggy's house, with some of our extended family too.  It was a warm Thanksgiving Day with a nice blend of eating and relaxing :)
Who could ask for more??
I cannot help but insist that we watch at least part of the parade every year, it's one of my favorite parts of the day!  I love a cup of coffee and the Today Show hosts on my Thanksgiving morning :)
The kids were sort of into it, but I couldn't blame them for being quite distracted with lots of new places and people to keep them busy!  Ava did love seeing some of her favorite characters in the parade and she recognized Santa right away.  We haven't been doing a lot of talking about Santa, but it amazes me how much she's picked up on him this year.  She has no interest in meeting him at the mall, however! 
The Armstrongs on Thanksgiving morning.  Only one of us had gotten dressed for the day, can you guess who?? 
Ava was loving her new Dora ride!
She especially loved the little attached cell phone, imagine that!
Doing a little pre-meal snacking together.
Hanging with Trav's cousin (and bride to be) Heidi.  She loved watching the Packers win with Heidi!!  And Heidi you'll be happy to know, Ava randomly told me the other day, "I miss Heidi Mama!"  Thanks for playing with her :)
Happy Thanksgiving to my sweet little Carter! 
Last year he was just doing a lot of laying around on the floor or in the swing...
But not this year!  This year he was BUSY!  And oh so cute in his polo and shorts :)
Daddy and his (nose-picking/juice-drinking) babies!
Classic :)
Look at that yummy Bird!!  And Peggy too!!
It was a delicious Thanksgiving, thanks for all your hard work Ron and Peggy.  You spoiled us by letting us just rest this year and EAT!  Thanks for serving us :)
Getting ready for the big feast at the new dining table Ron made.
Can you spy that sweet little thing at the head of the table???
She loved her "chicken" and the green beans and rolls!  I just loved seeing her little self peeking out at the end of the table :)
Ava, Travis and his precious Granny.
Granny, Carter and Trav.  As the years go by, Granny is starting to forget who we all are and who belongs to whom.  It's heartbreaking and sometimes funny too.  After several hours of being together that day, she asked me who my boyfriend was :) I pointed at Trav and said "That one!"  Then I told her he better be my boyfriend because we have two kids together, *wink wink.*  She got a good laugh out of that.  I just adore listening to her and to her brother (Uncle Hooter...yes, that's his name, can you stand it???).  They have the BEST Texas drawl and they say things long and sloooow like, "Oh, Would you look at that sweet baby girl??  Oh honey, she sure does have her big Daddy wrapped around her finger!  She is just precious, yes she is!"  To which Hooter would say,  "Why I should say so, I reckon she done knows it too!"  Oh it's just so funny and endearing.  I love it.  I could have listened to Hooter talk for hours!  His drawl, his humor and his funny phrases were keeping me very entertained!  He's in his 80's (or near them) and he just got back from a 2 week cruise in Hawaii with his new bride, isn't that hilarious?  He said it was beautiful but it was too long to be on a ship :)  He'll take the solid Texas ground over the ocean any day!  ha ha!   There is something so great about being with family and thinking, "One day that's going to be us!"  Some niece or nephew down the line will be laughing at what comes out of my mouth and Lord help me when that day comes!  Let it at least be sweet if not incoherent, right??  I really don't want to turn into a crabby old woman!!
Granny, Trav's Aunt Sue, Uncle Curtis and Heidi with us.  So glad you guys came out to see us, thanks for making our Thanksgiving even sweeter! 

Although I do love breaking out my sweaters and scarves for Thanksgiving or watching the snow fall while we cook, it wasn't too hard to embrace some sunshine and warm weather either!  We had a great time catching up and enjoying a delicious meal, Texas style.  We are very grateful to the Lord for our family and for the time and resources He gave us this year to go to Texas.  Someday we'll be busy with our own crew and it won't be so easy to take time off and head South, but for now I'm so thankful we can do it and so glad our kids get to experience as many family oriented gatherings as possible.  What a blessed day we had!

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Darla said...

Such a FUN looking Thanksgiving. Okay, and that turkey was HUGE! I love that picture with Travis, his Granny, and Carter. Made me tear up a bit.