Sweet Reunions!

While we were in Texas, we had the chance to go visit some dear friends of ours on the tail end of our trip and I'm so grateful.
This precious girl was waiting for our arrival and when we pulled up, she was in my arms in a matter of seconds!  I was Olivia's nanny for almost 3 years when we were first married.  She was just 3 months old when I started caring for her and in many ways, she was my first baby.  We spent all day together, 5 days a week and I have so many fun memories from those years.  When we moved to Minnesota we had to say goodbye, but over the years we've kept in touch with lots of pictures and phone calls and a few visits here and there.  The last time we saw each other was at my sister's wedding, when Olivia was her flowergirl. 
Not only do we love Livie, but we love her Mom and Dad just as much.  It's hard not to become like family when you're in someone's house everyday, helping to love on their children.  I am SO excited about their recent move to Texas and the possibility that we'll get to see each other much more now!
Annette and I are great friends and we had such a fun time picking up where we left off AND I finally got to introduce them to my own kids in person.
We just love you guys!!  Thanks for letting us come visit!
Love all of these little munchkins!  Would love to know how many diapers I've changed between the three of them :) I'm guessing a lot!! 
When we left North Carolina, Olivia was Ava's exact age right now.  So crazy to see her at 8, when in many ways I remember her at 2 1/2.
But 8 she is!  And we loved getting to hear and see her new talent on the Piano.
And as Ava heard Livie play so beautifully, she thought she might need to try it too.
Which also led to Carter chiming in and Ava singing along!  So fun.
Ava was over the moon playing with Livie and getting to enjoy her toys and her room :) We love you so much Olivia and we're so glad you finally got to meet Ava and Carter!  Thanks for being so sweet with them and for sharing your stuff.  Can't wait to see you next time!
After we said a teary goodbye to Olivia and her parents, we had one more stop before we hit the road for Minnesota.  We met Trav's cousin and his adorable kiddos at this great restaurant, Babe's.  Oh my goodness, if you live in Texas and have not been to Babe's, you must go immediately!!  Travis was raving about it and honestly, my expectations were low :) But let me just tell you what a delight to my mouth their chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, corn and biscuits were.  Like seriously the best I've ever had!!  While the food was delicious, the company was even better!
Carter was not in the mood for pictures, clearly, but we had to get these little cousins together :)
This is Lily and Henry.
Are they precious or what????  I see so much of Henry in Carter as he grows up.  It's always so fun to get them together and of course our kids are just enthralled with any older kids who show them any amount of interest, haha!
See??  Sweetie pies :)
Cousins, brothers...the line is blurry :) We love you Ian! 
Thanks for meeting us for dinner and for coming to our hotel when we got to Texas. 
Can't wait to watch all these little people grow up together!

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