All About Carty Boy!!

Now that I'm out from under the pressure of doing monthly updates, I decided that it was time to fill you in on all things Carter!  He is so much fun at this age and full of life.  We get the biggest kick out of him, I am so thankful that the Lord gave us Carter.  I can't imagine our family without him! 
At 16.5 months, he is a big guy.  We've been to the doctor a lot lately, so I know that he weighs 26 lbs and he's 33.5" tall.  That means he is tall and lean, which is where he's been most of his young life.  He's so tall (93rd percentile) that most people automatically assume that he and Ava are twins now, which isn't too out of the question considering they both weigh the same and are only about 2 inches apart. 
When we were recently in the pediatrician's office, she watched him for all of 30 seconds and then looked at me and said, "Well, I can tell he is BUSY and I'm guessing he's a climber??"  BINGO!! 
I'm not sure a better description has ever been given :)
Except maybe, happy too! 
Carter is a monkey to his core, always looking for things he can scale and unlike his sister, he is basically fearless.  He LOVES to torment Ava and throw her "sleeping babies" off this little bunk bed, so that he can climb up and get to his ultimate destination...
...her bed!
He basically hurls himself over the frame and dissolves into an immediate fit of giggles and smiles.
Many, many times a day this is where I find Carter.  Or this is where Ava informs me he is, after she tells me about the way he "throwed da babies, mama!!!"  It might help his cause if he looked even remotely remorseful, but this is all we ever get.  A big GRIN :)
And speaking of that grin, check out all those teeth in his mouth!  At my last count, I think I found 12.  It's great for all the eating he wants to do, but the poor little guy certainly paid the price for each of their back to back entries.  He's had a rough couple of months.  I'm sure hoping he gets a break!
Carter is always up for anything that sounds or looks like fun.  He's an easy sell for a sing a long or dancing or some kind of action to follow.  It's fun to see him recogize some familiar songs we sing or to watch him hear music and start to groove.  He and Ava are big fans of a dance party so it's not unusual for one to break out at any time! 
I love this picture of him because he looks like the little Swede that he is, right down to his nordic sweater and pants :)
It's also the picture that confirmed how badly he needed a hair cut!!
 I took this picture last Sunday because I hadn't taken a sibling pic for awihle and because I loved their little outfits.  It's nearly impossible to get both of them still, but at this particular time in our lives, Carter is the cooperative one and Ava is the stinker :)
With all the illness we've had lately, we have spent tons of time at home and I have a pretty good idea of a few of Carter's favorite things!  He's finally reached a season where he will sit still and look at a book now, which is fun.  We've read books to him for awhile but he's never particularly liked them or lasted for more than a page or two.  However, just recently he's starting to bring books to us or sit and look at them on his own.  I've become an incredible speed reader just to get through a whole book with him!  I'm also good at just summarizing most of the pages, and thankfully, Carter is good with that :)  
We do like to joke that at this stage, Carter has NO coping skills.  When things don't go his way or he even thinks that they aren't going to, he starts to whine or cry or make some kind of noise that gets our attention.  He's famous for wedging himself in tight spaces and then crying because he's stuck.  He keeps us on our toes, that kid!
Carter loves this rocking chair and it's hilarious to watch him climb up into it.
He manages though!  I love to see him just sitting there, or sometimes, standing there.  We've proved over and over that Papa made this chair VERY sturdy.  We've had no accidents yet but Carter has pushed his luck more than once too :)
At 16 months, these are Carter's favorite books, his "go-to" books.  He LOVES that number hunt book more than anything.  It's got lots of "lift the flap" pictures that he likes to look at over and over, but this week he's taken a greater interest in that trucks book.  That is IF I can get it out of Ava's hands :)
He's also into this little people thing we bought him for Christmas.  He's getting better at putting the cars on the tracks but like a typical boy, he goes to great lengths to do it the "uncoventional" way!
This basket is full of cars and trucks and is also part of his daily routine. 
As is playing at this little kitchen in his room.  Maybe he'll be a chef? 
He likes these cars too and often he and Ava are racing around or chasing each other on them :)
Scout is also a favorite toy of Carty's...
...but nothing, NOTHING, compares to his beloved "giraffey"
A few months ago, it became his security blanket and he takes it anywhere and everywhere.  He sleeps with it and doesn't get out of his crib when he wakes up, until he grabs his giraffe and his paci.  Lately he's taken to holding it by the tail and when he's tired, he strokes the tail with his thumbs.  It's so darn cute, we just love it.  I have no idea what we'll ever do if he loses it...and no, we don't have another one. 
We just love this little guy so much.  He is really starting to talk to us now, although lots of it is just very animated babbling still.  One of our favorite things is that he calls Ava, "Ada" and it's so fun to hear him call for her or ask for her when she's still sleeping. 
We've been trying to help the two of them learn to be kind to one another and to forgive one another, so we recently realized that if we tell Carter to say he is sorry to Ava, he will go over to her and sort of lower his head and nudge her.  It's similar to a dog but so cute because it's his way of trying to apologize and give her a hug. 
And naturally, it works every time.
How could this face not make you forgive him????
Life with Carter is all about keeping up with him and keeping him out of too much trouble.  He is an explorer to his core, just like his Daddy, but also so happy and tender hearted.  I just love this stage with him and I'm so grateful that he is still a great napper and sleeper at night...believe me, we need the break to stay on top of him!  I love having a little boy in our family and I'm so glad that little boy is Carty.  I have no idea what the next stage will bring, but if it's anything like all the rest, I know I'm going to love Carty and learn to like all the challenges and adjustments that come! 

We love you Carter!!


Brenda and Brantley said...

I love hearing about your beautiful family. So fun! Carter & Luke would have fun keeping up with each other. They love the same things climbing, mischeif, and cars! Can't go wrong with that! Brantley

Ron and Peggy said...

That boy is a charmer for sure. xxxooo