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Since I got my iPhone in January, I can't believe how often I use it to take pictures.  I guess because it's very handy and it takes decent photos, I'm always grabbing it for a quick shot...usually of something the kids are doing that I know the grandparents will want to see!  So this post is brought to you, courtesy of my iPhone photo roll.  If you follow me on facebook, twitter, or instagram you may have seen some of them but I pulled out some new ones too to show you.  Consider this my Friday night gift to you :)
Do I even need to explain this?? 
I'm pretty sure the look on his face says it all!  Forbidden fruit :)
I love a little boy in a hoodie!  On a trike!  Juggling a soccer ball and a basketball!
Oh man, I love him.  This is such a great picture of Carter because it's a true reflection of who he is these days.  Bruises on his legs, big boy crocs on his feet, a mischievous look on his face and 2 balls in his arms.  He is all boy and we are constantly on the move, trying to keep him from all sorts of disaster!  But he sure is cute, so I suppose that helps his case when he's up to his elbows in trouble, ha ha!
I love this picture.  This is Ava and her little friend, Callan.  They are great buddies because their Mommies are great friends.  We spend lots of time together, but we have some sad days ahead of us when Callan and his family move to California soon. 
We are thankful that the Lord has a great plan for Callan's family and we know their new Church will LOVE them, but selfishly, I am very, very sad to be saying goodbye to my dearest friend and to Ava's sweet little friend.  Aren't they cute??  They have no idea what's ahead :)  The only silver lining is that Lisa and I see some potential in our master plan to have Callan and Ava get married someday.  The distance between them might help fuel a long distance attraction, as opposed to just growing up together like friends who could never date!  We will be working that angle as much as possible :)
I tweeted about this a few days ago, but it's no secret to anyone by now, that I love me a sharpie pen!!  In fact, I seriously think I should get some kind of cut for all of the un-solicited advertising I give them, right??  When I was in Target the other day, I spotted this package of NEW colors and just about did a happy dance in the aisle.  It's the little things in life that make my day!
Of course when I posted the pic of my new pens, my planner in the background generated a whole host of emails and texts, asking me where I got it.  If you are a twitter girl, you know these were all the rage last year.  I got in on it with a great deal on plum district I think, and I'm so glad I did!!  It's a Life Planner by Erin Condren and I totally LOVE it.  I am a list girl, I'm a planner, and I just love to write everything down so I can see it in front of me.  I've tried to convert to an electronic calendar and I just can't do it.  How would I use my sharpies then??
This is what the inside looks like, minus a million other things that makes it so great!!  The NEW, revised and updated 18 month planners are being released in a few weeks and I can't wait to see it with all the new features.  I snagged another deal a couple of weeks ago so I'm all ready to go. 
My new (summer sorbet) sharpies can't wait either!
My kids have developed a new love for Curious George recently.  We have lots of books and I think Ava got this George when she was born, but thanks to the movie, they are hooked!  Curious Carter is a lot like Curious George, I'm afraid.  So cute, but very mischievous :)
Miss Ava is playing more and more with her dollhouse and after her birthday, she has some more furniture to fill those rooms!  She loves it, but I will honestly admit that I love it just as much as she does :) More than once, when Trav has come out of Ava's room after putting her to bed, he's looked at me and said, "Are you seriously playing with that house right now??"  And because I cannot lie (or hide it) I have to say, "I guess I am!"  I love to "clean it up" at night and put everything where I think it should go.  What can I say, my interior design roots began with a dollhouse when I was a little girl too and I guess they go down deep!
Carty loves that dollhouse too, but mostly just so he can take apart every room and run away laughing.  Do you see the kitchen table next to him??  Case in point :)  But he sure looks innocent, doesn't he??
Here's our big girl with her big sandwich.  We got Jimmy John's on the way to Iowa and she was adamant that I NOT cut her sandwich up.  She wanted a big "samich" and she got it!  Cute girl, she did a great job and ate most of that big thing :)
My little monkeys and my Dad.  They were so happy to see him when he got home from his golf meet.  He's coaching High School golf again, so we missed him for a couple of days, but he was happy to scoop these two up!
Carter and Ava are obsessed with my Mom's dog, Ollie.  They love to pet him, feed him, chase him, see him, etc.  They also love to see and play with Ryley, who always comes over for a visit.  They are definitely dog lovers! 
My Mom, sister and I did a little shopping together while we were home.
We went to this darling vintage/antique market in this tiny little town, in a barn of all places.  It was SO CUTE and there were tons of things to see.  It was fun, I would love to go back there again.
This was the upstairs of the barn, isn't it amazing??  There were lots of vendors selling their stuff and tons of people buying.  Only in Iowa!!
We got lucky and happened to be in town when my cousin Trevor became a Daddy.
This little sweetie, Maxden, was worth the visit to the hospital!  He was so tiny, it's amazing how quickly I forgot what a newborn looks like.   
We could have held him all day! 
This was what I woke up to on Mother's Day.  Travis took the kids to Starbucks very early in the morning, while I slept, and brought me home a treat.  Can't say I've ever had a frappacinno for breakfast, but I wasn't complaining!  That was very sweet of him.
I found this old picture of my sisters and I.  Classic.  I was hoping to look at all my old pics, but my Mom can't find them after they tore their house apart for their big remodel.  I have high hopes she'll find them soon because I'm dying to see them again.  I know Ava looks just like I did as a little girl!
And speaking of Ava, she adores my Dad.  She asked him to read this to her and cuddled right up with him.  Look at her hand, resting on his stomach.  Isn't that funny??
She thrills his heart when she actually sits with him and watches golf.  She'll sit there for a good chunk of time and comment on the players and where they hit the ball.  It's terribly cute.  She just might be a golfer like her Mommy and her aunts!
My parents gifted me with this cookbook for my birthday and I just love it!  I have her first cookbook and I use it all the time, but I kind of forgot she had a new one out, so I was really happy to get it.  I've been pouring through it and can't wait to cook my way from recipe to recipe.  It's packed full of great stuff, totally better than her first one!
When we got home from Iowa, my dress up queen wasted no time getting back in her favorite dress.  The upside is I'm doing far fewer loads of laundry for this princess.  She hardly wears clothes anymore, just ball gowns :)

Finally, because there is no rhyme or reason to this post, I'll leave you with the best picture of all!  I went to a high school synchro swim show this week and it was totally interesting.  I'd never seen one and one of our students is on the team, actually 2 of those legs belong to her :) It was very entertaining and as I told her, I realized that I've got to seriously step up my game for the pool season this summer.  I usually break out some moves to make Ava laugh, but after seeing this, I need new moves!!  So there you go, I hope I made your Friday night a little more exciting.  I've actually managed to bore my own self, so if you'll excuse me, I'm off to bed.  Have a happy weekend!!

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