Busy Children at Play

Wow!  I can't believe it's Friday already.  Since I posted last, Ava did indeed get sick and this week took an unexpected turn.  I was hoping to be outside a lot and back on our tour of parks, but instead we spent most of the week inside, at home.  I think I've seen every movie that my kids love at least twice :) Thankfully, Ava is much, much better and Carter managed to escape the bug she picked up.  I was reminded more than once this week that having the freedom to back out of everything and just be home, really is a gift.  However, it's also a little claustrophobic!  Because Travis has been working a lot lately, he was able to take the day off yesterday and we got some much needed family time.  Yay!  It was a rainy, monsoon-like day here so we packed up and drove to St. Paul for a little adventure. 
 I was too lazy to fix the red-eye in these photos, so try to bear with me and ignore our glowing eyes :)  We have not really explored St. Paul at all in the 6 years we've lived here, so yesterday we hit up one of their famous landmarks, Cosetta's, for lunch.  We had their notorious pizza by the slice, which was good. 
 It's a little hard to enjoy mealtimes with the kids right now, most of our time is spent diverting messes and ensuring that no one chokes on their food!  Ava was more interested in walking around the restaurant and singing, but Carter ate every last bite on his plate, so I think he approved!
After lunch we drove down the street to the Minnesota Children's Museum, which we've been meaning to get to for a long time, and we enjoyed the afternoon there.
The kids were fascinated by everything there and it took all of 30 seconds for them to forget we existed!
Most of our time was spent in this water room where there were tons of activity stations all centered around...water
 For Carter, I do think this represented the high light of his young life.  For a good 45 minutes he played uninterrupted with his two great loves, a ball and the water.
 Travis showed them the bubble troughs, which were also a huge hit.  I seriously think Carter was in absolute shock that he had the freedom to splash and play and get messy, without us telling him no :)
 Ava wasted no time figuring out what the big kids in the room were doing and then trying to jump in with them.  I do have to tell you a funny story about her though.  Do you see that wipe she's holding in her left hand?  While we were leaving to go from lunch to the museum, Ava fell and scraped her knee and her left palm.  Just a couple of tiny scratches but it stung and she was sobbing :) Poor thing, she is not big on injuries!  Anyway, to get her to stop crying and saying "ouchie, ouchie, ouchie" I offered her a wet wipe and told her to hold it on the little cut on her palm.  For some reason, that did the trick and was soothing to her, but for the rest of the day (I mean like the next 5 hours) she held that wipe all crinkled up in her palm and would not let go of it!  She played the whole time at the museum with it, held it on our way home and took it with her for her nap.  By the time she let me open her hand many hours later, her palm was all shriveled, like when you go swimming! Ha ha! 
 She is nothing short of dramatic and entertaining :)
 Carter was wild!  Are you surprised??  He tried licking the water off his hands...
...Until he realized it would just be easier to lean over and drink it!  Ahh!!  Gross!! 
After a near miss in the full-body plunge department, we went looking for a little more protection and got an apron to keep him from being totally soaked.
I adore this picture of him.  The apron, that look on his face, his bubbly hands...He was so stinkin cute!!  And he had the best time.  Who knew a water table would be so fascinating??
 Raise your hand if you can enjoy the museum with a life threatening injury??
The mad scientist hard at work  :)
 I must get this ball in that tube, I must get this ball in that tube, I must get this ball in that tube...
Looking so cute in her apron too!
We had a great time watching them explore and showing them fun things to do.
It was also kind of nice to be able to sit back and just let them play, without having to hover over them.  I am liking some of the perks of this "growing up" thing more and more!
After we weaned them off the water tables, we went to a darling area with a grocery store they loved.
Ava checking out, wipe still in hand :)
And Carter clearing the shelves of all their canned goods.
He's learning from his Uncle Dave how to stockpile I guess??
Happy with his purchases!
And he's off...

We had a great afternoon together, just watching our little cuties play and being thankful for these slow days when a museum still holds appeal and we can all go home for a nap. 

I hope your Friday night is a great one!  I cannot believe it's Memorial day weekend???  Where did May go???  I'm excited for some more family time and the sunny weather that is in our forecast. 
 Have a wonderful weekend!!

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