Day Twenty Seven: Working From Home

Here I am, plugging away in November, trying to wrap up this series from October.  I just have a few more posts to go and then I can write about something else other than this condo!  Ha! I'm actually missing posts about my kids and food and I don't know, random thoughts.  But I want to finish this because I know someday I'll be glad I did!  AND today I've got some fun pictures to show you as I share one of the ways this little home has worked for me.  
 For several years now, I've had a little side business that has ebbed and flowed with the seasons of my life.  In my pre-children years I worked in many a flower shop and developed quite a love for art of floral design.  Even when I moved into my "career" field of Interior Design, I found myself still itching to create beauty from nature.  Interior Design helped work my mental creativity but there was something about working with my hands that made floral design so appealing.  And relaxing.  
 Over the years life has changed, my responsibilities have grown with each change and specifically each child, but interestingly enough flowers have remained in some capacity or another.  This little "hobby" has been a great side business and it's really grown right out of my kitchen.  Some years I've done a wedding or two, or had a baby and didn't do any, or I've done this Spring/Summer.   In each season I've been so grateful for the way the Lord has made it clear that I was to take on what I wanted to or that I needed to step back. I've never spent money or time advertising or looking for work but time and time again brides have contacted me and I've kept this little engine that could, running.  Well actually, the Lord's kept it running.  

  People always wonder where I buy the flowers, where I put them together, who helps me, etc.  And the truth is, 80% of it I do on my own and from my kitchen.  Occasionally I hire some friends to help me deliver on the day of the wedding or to help me crank out a few things, but usually it's me and my favorite helper, Trav.  This summer was a busy one for me and I found myself moving from one wedding to another as the weeks just fell off the calendar.  I had six weddings from April-July and then I ended the summer with a bang in September. I haven't shared these photos yet but I've been dying to! I LOVED the color scheme for this wedding and the flowers were SO fun to put together.  
 The main colors of the wedding were a grey and blush pink and I suggested we add some pale peach, ivory and some silvery greens.  The bride wanted a very romantic, natural look and I think we were able to achieve that.  I know I say this after most weddings, but truly, this one might be favorite! 
 The bridesmaid's bouquet.
The girls were in a light grey, structured cotton dress and this was just the pop of color they needed. 
 The Bridal Bouquet.
I used some of the same colors in the bridal bouquet, just added quite a bit more ivory.  I love mixing textures and colors, this bouquet had some really unusual flowers which created some great interest.  
 This is a better shot of them after wrapping the stems.
I just loved the softness and the subtle pops of blush and pink throughout it.  
The peach was also a nice addition, it helped mix things up and keep this from becoming a "spring" like color scheme.  I think the peach was a fun nod to September, bringing a little bit of "fall" into this without doing a typical fall color scheme.
 I repeated much of the same in the corsages and bouts.
 It was fun to deliver to such a beautiful place where the girls were getting ready.  I always love a shot of the bouquets all lined up! 
At the Church we kept it simple but soft.
 The Unity Candle arrangement
 The stage is always a great place to use inexpensive flowers.  From the pews you only see color so I like to be able to give brides more for their money by using "cheaper" flowers while still getting the size and impact they were going for. 
I didn't want a traditional spray that was symmetrical with the other, but per the bride's wishes,  I wanted it to look like they had just pulled some flowers together themselves. 
 Those candelabras aren't the most beautiful I've ever seen, but it's amazing what some flowers will do to make you forget! 
The bride wanted a simple, candlelit aisle and I thought this was beautiful.  
 I've done those cylinders so many ways, with ribbons and flowers and rose petals, etc. but there really is something about water and a floating candle that is elegant too.  This was a 4:30pm wedding and I thought it was a great look for that.  
 I didn't do the reception, simply because Travis was the Pastor officiating this wedding and I knew I could only handle so much that day. But the bride had great vision for this look and I loved how they pulled it off!  
 Just lots of candlelight in different sized mason jars with some pink rose petals I ordered for them.  Again, simple and beautiful.  
All of my work was done that day around noon, but until the ceremony was over and Trav's work was done, I didn't really relax!  He did a great job, I love when he gets to do weddings, but I did forget how much work they really are for Pastors too.  Thankfully my parents had the kids for us that weekend or we never would have survived!  To make the whole thing extra fun, this all happened in the same week our tile floors got installed and just days before the new carpet went in. It's no wonder I got sick after this was all said and done, huh??
The cute new Mr. and Mrs!  
I'm so grateful to have lived through this summer and now to be on a break from weddings.  But I'm also very thankful that I've been able to still do a little of what I love, in addition to my real life and the people I love.  It's amazing that my kitchen has "housed" my business, what a blessing to work from home!  Never would have guessed I'd be using our home for this when we moved in but I'm glad it's worked out so well!  

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