Here's Looking at You, September

It's Thursday, or Throwback Thursday in the land of social media.  I'm throwing it way back today, to the month of September.  I've already shared ad nauseam about all the house projects we've lived through but I thought I'd walk through some pictures from the month to document what else we were up to.  Grab yourself a snack and enjoy, I've got a lot of pics coming your way... 
 In his noble quest to make outdoorsmen of our minnesotan children, Trav took us all fishing over Labor day weekend and it was hit!
 But seeing as how it was labor day weekend, we did indeed labor.  September was the month of painting every last minute thing before the new flooring got installed.  
 Also, soccer kicked off in full swing during September and thus began the weekly tradition of me hauling every last thing on an off the soccer fields of the metro.  Ava and Carter had a grand time with their new friend Bella and these two girls were a crack up 
Carter did pretty well this year, he only ran on the field once, although he danced on the line more than a few times! This is a throwback to the cutest haircut ever and the airplane I had to buy him to get him through it.  Before you judge me, just don't.  Until you've lived through an almost 3 year old boy lose it over a haircut, you have no idea what it's like.  This $7 airplane bought me peace and quiet and the best haircut we've had in months people.  Worth every penny.  
 September was the month of back-to-school shopping for Miss Ava!  
And she did not disappoint in her preferences and quirky taste! 
Found this funny pic on my phone, Travis rode a mechanical bull at a volunteer appreciation event.  Why not?
 At the request of the said bull rider, we visited Minnesota's Largest Candy Store, which was something to behold.  Bliss for our children.
 They had a whole section in the "Bacon Shoppe" that about did me in.  I think we all need to just relax and take a deep breath over this love of bacon craze, alive and well in this country.  Jim Gaffigan, I'm blaming you.  I'm not against bacon or pigs, I just think bacon mints???  Really???  Baconnaise???  I don't even want to know.
 Our Church hosts a huge Family Fun Festival every Fall and we had a great time this year.  As you can see, the kids were not lacking for exciting options to explore!
 It's hard to find him with the yellow shirt and blonde hair, but yes, Carter is on that slide!
What festival would be complete without pony rides??  Especially pony rides that last forevvvvvvvveeeerrrrr?????  We were begging the operators to end their turn as we both got seriously nauseous from all the round and round we went.  First world problems, for sure.  
 Ava and I went to meet her teachers, which was hilarious and unbelievable.  September ushered in the grand growing up of our girl! 
 She was nervous at first and then quickly smitten.
The next day we went back for her first day and she was ready!
 Carter, however? 
Not so much.  Sweet little guy cried his eyes out.  September was a month of transition for all of us!
 Rain or shine, warm and cold, we parked ourselves faithfully on those sidelines and cheered Trav's team on to a great season! 
 We did a campfire night one Friday night in September.  
It was fun for everyone!
 We had a quick surprise visit from Aunt Jennie and Uncle Dave and met them for dinner before they drove back to Iowa.  The kids were in rare form at the Outback that night and it was *memorable.*
 Ava happily jumped out of bed every school morning to hang with her buddies at preschool.
 While Carter and I hung with each other and had our own fun!
Just when I thought the painting fun was almost over, two more bathrooms stood in my way and would not go away without a fight.
 Daddy and Ava became carpool buddies every Wednesday morning...
 ...and Carter and I adjusted to our new routine that involved driving back and forth, day in and day out.  
 We watched this little girl blossom in September.  Preschool fit her beautifully and everything about it was pure joy.  
 I got a new camera in September! It was monumental and the blog has never been more thankful! 
 Travis and I managed to sneak in a date on Lake Minnetonka one windy afternoon, thanks to Leanna and Jared and kids!!!  We went stand-up paddle boarding and it was fun!  Also an incredible workout when paddling into the wind.  We had fun and would love to do it again!
 Much of our interaction with Trav this month was from this view.
 But even across a field from Daddy, we were incredibly proud of his impact on us and his team.  
 Our house gradually got torn up...
 And we lived to tell about it.  Snacks helped when toys weren't always available!
 I listened to Travis marry two sweet friends...
 ...and we managed to turn the Groom's dinner and the Wedding Reception into two date nights...
 ...even if we were both working like dogs the whole weekend!
Picture day came for this cutie and she was beyond words for this Mama...
Carter even embraced the opportunity for a photo opp!
The days of rainbow leggings will likely be short lived, but as long as I can get away with them I will!  
Cubbies started back up every Wednesday night for Ava...
...and Carter started Puggles!  It's a good thing for everyone on Wednesdays to be busy!
September was eventful and our worlds were turned upside down while we lived through renovations and a jam-packed schedule. 
Sometimes that led us to sucking applesauce through a straw, off a plate in the Church basement, but hey, we survived!  I look back at these pics and realize how thankful I am that our kids are go-with-the-flow kind of kids.  We threw a lot at them and they handled it well.  September was an experience this year but full of fun and some sweet moments too.  Here's looking at you, September!  I wouldn't be lying if I said I was hoping for a much quieter version of your back-to-school-self next Fall! 

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