Day Twenty Six: Bathroom Makeovers (Part Two)

Yesterday I showed you the transformation that our main bathroom has undergone this Fall and today I thought I'd show you our second bathroom and it's changes too!  Really this is the master bath, but since our kids live in our master bedroom, we just refer to it as the kids bathroom :) Aren't we clever??  
I can't seem to find a great pic of this bathroom before but this sort of shows you what it looked like.  The walls were white when we moved in and this is the only room that never got painted.  You can see the ugly linoleum that was also in our other bathroom and more of the oak trim and a very similar vanity.  What you can't see is the shower on the right, but basically this bathroom has been extremely plain for years.  I've had rugs and artwork and all of that in here, and naturally it's changed several times over but I pulled all of that out recently in order to begin phase one of this makeover...painting.  
I haven't had a great track record in judgement when it comes to painting bathrooms recently.  This bathroom doesn't have natural light from its' own window like the other bathroom, but there is a good deal of sunlight that streams in from the windows in the master.  I originally brought the same color in here that we did in the kitchen, the living room and the hallway in an effort to stay consistent.  But as it was going up on the walls I felt like history began repeating itself.  It was a lovely color but with way less natural light, it was just too dark.  
I was not thrilled but I knew I had to make yet another trip for more paint, this time in a much lighter color and that is how I landed on the stone color that you see on the right.  
I was motivated to just get this bathroom done so I managed to get it all painted in a day and began putting the kids stuff back again.  
And thankfully I really liked it.  It was just enough to stand out from all the white but it also gave a great neutral backdrop and made that bathroom feel nice and roomy.
All was well except the ugly floors.  
But I didn't have to hate them much longer the tile people were scheduled to be there in a few days and we couldn't wait!
 A week or so later, we got everything out of the bathroom (again) and prepared for the tiles to be delivered the day before they would be installed.  When they arrived on a Tuesday and I began checking the boxes I realized immediately that they had made a mistake.  I had asked for the same time that we used in our main bathroom to be installed in here (the tile on the left) but they had instead ordered the tile that we chose for the entry way.  I panicked a little and they scrambled to see if they had enough on hand to make it work, knowing that if they didn't it would push back everything, including that carpet that was coming a week later.  I told them to just give me some time to think about it, wondering if maybe this would turn out to be a happy accident and I might actually like the brown tile instead?  
I laid out a million pieces in both colors and deliberated for hours, texting my Mom and sisters to weigh in too!  In the end, Travis really loved the brown tile and I was leaning that way too.  I worried it might be took dark but there was something about it on the floor that made me curious.  I liked that it was different and that it would help tie in what we did in our entry.  I took a deep breath and called them back to tell them that we could keep the brown....and then prayed that we would love it! 
Before I knew it they were back in the morning and this project was rolling, ready or not! 
I was nervous but excited. Thankfully the installer kept telling me how much he liked it, which was making me feel better.  
It didn't take too long before they had it all done...
And I knew I loved it.  This is pre-grout so the lines are very dark, but in real life we chose a brown grout that just seamlessly blends in.  
I drove my kids to meet my Dad while all this was going in, so I was anxious to see it when I got home.  
Travis and I were in the middle of the craziest week and we were re-installing this toilet again at midnight that night!  Which was great (we'd been without toilets all day) and also a new experience for us.  We were so tired and really praying we were doing it correctly.  Thankfully we were! 
It's pretty lame that this is my only picture since it's all been done, but you can at least see the main highlights of the room.  We love the wall color with the new floor and we're SO happy we stuck with the brown!  It looks great from the bedroom looking in and it's SO easy to keep it clean and looking nice.  

It's a huge pain when your bathrooms are torn up and in process but it's oh so worth it in the end! We are very thankful we could do these things and that we're now done!  Mostly.  I still have some detail stuff to finish in here and we need to replace the faucet but the big stuff is done.  Better yet, I don't have any more painting hanging over my head.  That may be the best news of all.  

Who knew bathrooms could be so exciting? This girl now does...

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