Crib Notes

On Friday, Travis and I made the epic trek to the "motherland" of baby stores, Babies R Us. I have been asking Travis to go with me for weeks and we finally had an afternoon to do it. I'm not sure what I was expecting this first trip to be, (magical I suppose) but I left feeling very,very tired. And overwhelmed at how many decisions we need to make! Fortunately for me, I have years of nannying and baby experience behind me, so I know what brands and what products I like. I've used most of them by now! I can't imagine walking in there with no baby "knowledge" at all! I would have passed out in the doorway. Anyway, we were just there to browse and to get an idea of what things we absolutely need and what things we want. However we did have one major thing to do and that was to look at cribs.

I believe I mentioned this before, but Travis' uncle is a very gifted and talented contractor who is also a skilled carpenter. He has been making cribs for family and friends for the last few years and he has been patiently waiting to make one for us. Isn't that sweet? I love that this will be an heirloom for us. Anyway, He made my day when he announced that I could design it anyway I wanted and he would make it! How fun right? So, now I am lost in a world of choices, styles, and colors. I want to pick something that will be good for boys or girls and something that I will still like in the future! He and I have worked together on stuff before, so I know that this will be fun, but I am desperately seeking some inspiration right now. I took pictures of our top four cribs from Babies R Us, but of course there are many other stores to visit too! Let me know what you think...I will take some pictures of the rest of the furniture in that room so that you'll know what we're working with. I just haven't done that yet...stay tuned, but for now, I want to hear which one you like below!

I really like the simplicity of this one. I like the curves on the posts and the sleigh look. Ignore the colors of all these cribs. Most likely I will go with white, but I'm not sure about that yet either.

I love a four-poster crib! Not sold on the stars, but what do you think of this style? I think you could do this easily for a girl, but what about for a boy? Too feminine? I also like the wide slats on this one.

Ok, this one is one of my favorites. I like the details in the molding and the feet. Click on it to see it better. I also like the architectural look of it. It's a very "strong looking" crib I think.

Again, another sleigh style, but I love the shelf on the bottom. Could be a nice storage option with some cute matching baskets under there?? Isn't it funny that I took pictures of all the black cribs? I didn't like any of the oak or white ones! Except the four poster. So what do you think?? Which one do you like of these 4??


Rebecca said...

I like the third one, with the molding. That is my favorite! It is beautiful and simple and elegant and perfect for boy or girl.
If you have a climber like I do, I'd almost be nervous about the four poster bed. Tate would grab hold of the posts and climb out in no time!
Y'all look so great standing in front of Babies R'Us! I'm sure you've been there many times before but it just feels so different now doesn't it?

Faith said...

I'm really liking the first and third ones. How neat that Travis' uncle is going to make it for you!!

Heather said...

The last one is like Connor's crib-except his doesn't have the storage underneath. I have loved every minute of it!
I am thinking since you took pics of the black...maybe you want black and just don't know it?!?!?!?
I love all of them!

Kim said...

I like the first and last ones. I love simple things. What a precious piece of furniture this will be. Hopefully your kids will use it for their own babies some day.

petrii said...

I really like the uniqueness of the third one. I've never seen a crib like that, and I'm all about originality ~~ yep that one has it!!! I also like the simplicity of the first.

You two are so cute ~~ I'm so happy for both of you.

Blessings to you, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Steph, I also like the 1st and 3rd one. I'm your sister so my vote counts for more :)

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm normally a "sleigh bed" type of person but I liked the 3rd the best. That back could be a GORGEOUS headboard if the bed adjusted to a kid's bed.

And I never saw a 4 post baby crib before - that was COOL! You can always make it more "boy" by putting baseballs or something on the top if you wanted....

And I didnt know black baby cribs were such the rage now....

Show us the bed after its made. That's going to be so special to have a family member make it!

all up in each others bizness said...

well my favorite wasn't listed,lol round.........but if i had to choose out of these four i would definatly go with the one with the shelf on the bottom for practicality.........

abby was only in hers for 10 months....then one day i put her in for her nap and walked out and there she was behind me in the bed time

Jackson however was in his till after he was 3........he actually would of been happy still being in but i just felt like it was wrong to send him to school still being in a crib,lol

Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

I like the 3rd and 4th ones. The 3rd one might be more neutral for a boy or girl. The 4th might be too girly for a boy. And, if your friend is making it you could ask to have the 3rd style with the shelf on the bottom like the 4th. Just an idea for you.

MiMi said...

I think I would have to say the first one. It is such a classic style and so traditional.

How special that Travis' uncle is going to make the crib!

amy said...

i really like the 3rd one.... but if you're interested in the 4 poster one, stacey's sister has it for her little boy in green, and you can see it at
pottery barn kids has some really cute ones as well! how fun that you'll have one taylor made for you! :)

Miz Jean said...

The first one you have is so similar to ours. Sturdiness was our first priority. We've been pretty happy with ours.

The only caution I have about the one with the molding is that you'd be a little more restricted with crib placement in a room because it would most likely have to have that one side against a wall. For most people that maybe isn't a problem whatsoever. But now that I'm forced to fit two beds in one nursery I have to turn my crib "sideways". Not something I EVER would have thought of when buying my crib.

And speaking as someone who did not have a speck of baby knowledge on her first trip to BRU, oh my, the first thing we tried to pick out was a pacifier. I nearly cried when I saw and entire 40 foot long WALL of pacifiers. Talk about overwelming!!! You definitely have a great head start with all your experience!

And congrats on feeling the baby move! That is a really awesome moment!!