Thursday Thoughts

I just have a minute to blog before I get to a long list of things to do this morning!  Here's a snapshot of why I can't sleep well...

1.  Today is flower day!!  I'll go pick up all the flowers this morning and get them processed (cut, in water, soaking in preservative).  This is my favorite part of a wedding.  Seeing all the flowers together in buckets, before I start rifling through is a beautiful sight and it smells heavenly too!  I always panic a little before I pick them up though, trying to think through my options in case they ordered the wrong thing or not enough of something.  It happens, not often, but it's always good to be prepared....

2.  Tomorrow morning at this time I will be almost done with my appointment and hopefully will have seen my little boy or girl!!  We are going crazy waiting!  How on earth will I sleep tonight??  We've been bouncing names back and forth, telling Ryley all about it :)  We're a little nuts, but for some reason it feels like our first introduction to him/her.  I love the thought of finally being able to pray very specifically about my son or daughter, and even by name.  It just makes everything about being pregnant feel more real.  God was good to put this appointment in the midst of a busy week, it's flying by and I don't have too much time to dwell on it! 

3.  My parents come here tomorrow night, just for one night, on their way to North Carolina to see Stacie and Jesse.  I love when they come, even for a short time, but my house is not even remotely clean, nor do I have time to do much about it :)  That's ok though, they don't care.  My Mom is coming to help me Saturday morning before they fly out and Ryley will get some good play time with my Dad.  I know Stacie and Jesse must be excited to see them too!  

4.  Speaking of flying, we are also leaving town on Monday night to go to Texas for Thanksgiving!  I can't even begin to think about getting ready for that until this wedding is over, but we are both really excited about going.  We'll be gone Monday night until Friday night.  We can't wait for the break and for an escape from reality :)  Plus we'll get to see lots of Trav's family, which will be great.  Ryley will be staying here with our sweet friend Jackie.  She has stayed with him before and he loves her!  I know he'll be just fine while we're gone, which always makes me feel better.  Remind me sometime to tell you why we have never kenneled him.  You'll appreciate the laugh :)  

5.  Did I mention we're out of clean laundry?? I will wrap up this list because I need to get at least 2 loads done this morning before my day begins.  Oh the joy.  Travis just casually mentioned that we should get a maid this morning...for a second I thought he might be serious, but then I realized I was just in fantasy land!  Wouldn't you love that though??  If only she could be here more often and stay on top of things....So far the current maid is slacking...She and I are going to have to have a long talk this morning :)  

Happy Thursday!!


Rebecca Jo said...

Tomorrow cant come soon enough - I'm sure!!!

Be sure to get plenty of rest when you can in the midst of all this activity!!!

Alexandra's Mommy said...

Hope the wedding and the flowers look great! Don't forget to rest and drink lots of water! Hope you have a great thanksgiving!

The Schuler Family

AmandaHoyt said...

Can't wait to hear the great news tomorrow! Sleep well!
Hugs and prayers,

a boy a girl and a pug said...

I just came over from another blog and love yours. Ryley is precious! Hope the wedding went well.