Random in Every Sense of the Word

1.  Why am I so tired, when we gained an hour of sleep last night and we spent most of the day on Saturday, doing NOTHING??  I've slept 9 hours on each of the last two nights...that should be enough, right?  

2.  How could it possibly be November 2nd already?  Where did October go?

3.  I'm feeling frustrated with my own lack of blogging.  I feel like a blogging failure.  And I'm irritated that my Halloween pictures are still not up.   Because once again, our internet isn't allowing me to post pictures without a HUGE ordeal first.  I'm simply sick of trying.  Maybe tomorrow I'll go to Caribou and win the battle with free wi-fi.  Maybe.  No promises.  

4.  Is it just me, or are you not SICK AND TIRED of the million campaign ads on TV??  Who can't wait until Tuesday when it all stops??  And if I get one more ad in the mail...

5.  I am excited for Christmas music.  I really think I might pull some out tomorrow.  I know, it's a controversial move, but I just might do it anyway.  I'm in the Christmas mood.  I get stressed thinking about all the gifts that must be purchased, but I am excited to be ushering in my two favorite holidays in just a matter of weeks.

6.  Why is our pile of laundry never-ending these days?  Just when I think I'm caught up, it's overflowing again...

7.  I hate dealing with bills on a Monday morning at the beginning of the month.  I'm trying not to think about it already, isn't there something fun I can do tomorrow instead?

8.  I am so far behind on my scrapbooks, I'm starting to think crazy should I even keep doing them??  What is wrong with me?  I think I'm overwhelmed and hormonal.  I love scrapbooking, but I've never, ever been this far behind and I think I'm freaking out at the work involved to catch up.  It feels like one more thing on my list of "a thousand things to do before the baby is born."

9.  How long is this vacation with gas prices going to last??  I've not been this excited to "fill up" in a long time.  Why do I feel like it's too good to be true???

10.  And finally, why does pregnancy have to trigger so many weird things?  Heartburn and back-aches are one thing, but seriously, ACNE??  Just when I thought I might have outgrown those years, all these hormones are wreaking havoc on my face.  Kind of ruins the "glow" I was hoping for!  Oh the price one must pay to be a mother...


Rebecca said...

You know that "surge" of energy you supposedly get? I'm almost in trimester 3 and have not seen that yet!
And I broke out the Christmas music last week. I think Tate's going to be singing Joy To the World by Christmas!
I am trying not to be overly excited by the gas prices either, but with our big SUV it's so nice that it is costing almost half to fill up! I've been driving like crazy the last couple weeks. I want to take advantage while I can!!
And pregnancy does trigger really weird things. I think my main one is just still being sick, and tired,tired!!
Time is flying by, but I am kinda happy about that! At the beginng of this pregnancy I was in no hurry, just wanted to take our time and get ready and spend quality time with Tate. But now, I am just SO ready to meet this little girl I can hardly stand it! But I still want to get all the time alone with Tate I can!

Miz Jean said...

Oh Steph, how I wish you could see my less-than-perfect complexion right now. Seriously, its not at all pretty. But you know what, after that baby is born, you can fix the skin issues! Trust me, I've been there. And yeah, it kinda ruins some of the pictures, but I just remember that I would have given anything in the whole wide world to have Reagan. That doesn't mean you can't hate the acne. It just makes it a little easier to look past.

And don't feel bad about the blogging. Everyone needs a bloggy break now and then. :)

Keep resting. Soak it all up and save those happy memories of lounging in bed for when you are sleep deprived. :)

The Allens said...

OH, you are supposed to be tired. It's your first trimester. Give your body what it wants - rest!

all up in each others bizness said...


Sue W said...

Hey guys!
I can't believe that tummy, Stehphanie! So cute. Are you sure there's not more than one little pepper in there? Can't wait to see you guys in 2 wks. Don't know what the weather will be then, but today was 85, I think. I'm sure you won't need your umbrella, we're going through the driest period since I don't know when. I'm heading to Utopia tomorrow for Martha Lee's funeral (Hooter's wife). When I asked Mom if she wanted to come back home with me, she jumped at the chance, so we'll get to have her visit a few days. See you soon! Love, Sue