27 Weeks and 13 More To Go!!

Happy Sunday!  Hope it's been a blessed and relaxing day for all of you.  Travis and I had a really nice day, which involved a great nap after lunch :)  I'm not going to lie, it kind of makes me sad that we're going to lose our quiet Sunday afternoons and our long naps, but what can you do?  Pray for Ava to take a long nap too??  

Speaking of Ava, she is really starting to take over now and turn our little world upside down!  If you were to walk in our condo right now, you would agree with me!  Her nursery is in limbo, with furniture strewn about in the halls and PINK baby stuff ALL OVER THE LIVING ROOM!!  While Travis has been painting, I've been organizing and cleaning like a crazy woman :)  I'm proud to say that our walk-in closet has been completely cleaned out and re-organized.  It's so tidy in there it makes me smile!  I kind of want to sit on the floor with a cup of coffee (decaf of course) and enjoy my work :)  Yep, it's that good!  I keep finding myself in there, just looking feels like the only place in our house that is "ready" and totally organized.  I just keep reminding myself to take it one room at a time...
Here is the latest shot of my growing stomach.  Today is 27 weeks already and the last week of my second trimester!  In church I seemed to be attracting lots of attention and getting the same comment over and over, "Wow, you've really popped!"  I'm choosing to enjoy that comment and not over-analyze it :)  When we got home I asked Travis to take my weekly picture.  I saw this one above and told him, "I don't think I look very pregnant."  He gently suggested I take my jacket off and we take another one...
Ok, point taken.  I now see what everyone else is seeing!  I have popped!!  Ava is taking up more and more room in there...She's now 2 lbs. and almost 14 inches long.  That's one more pound I can deduct from my grand total of ** gained!!  I am feeling very good, I think I'm in the long anticipated "golden days" of pregnancy.  I am a motivated girl right now with lots of energy during the day.  Which is good because I have LOTS to do!!  

I know you're all waiting for the nursery update and I promise it will be coming.  For now I'm just going to give you a little sneak peek at what we've been working on.  Travis has been painting for the last couple of days and is close to being done.  We have lots of furniture coming in the near future and I'm ordering stuff online like crazy! I'll give you more details as it comes in.  Above is the last picture of our very white guest room, before Travis started painting.  
And here is my lone worker :)  He's got a small work crew but he's really affordable!  And he's pretty cute to watch...I think I'll hire him out for a few more projects around here :) 

And finally, here is peak at the color we chose.  No, it's not pink, it's light brown and we love it!  While I would love a pink room, I know that we will not be in this condo forever and the thought of having to re-paint makes me sweat with dread, so I wanted to choose something that would work for re-sale.  This color matches the rest of the colors in our house and it will look great with our white baby furniture and the bedding I've chosen.  But fear not, there will be plenty of pink in this room!  Ava's world will be "g-i-r-l-y"  by the time I'm done!!  I have found some of the cutest stuff for her and I'm having a blast getting to order it and put it all together.  Seriously, this part is what I've been waiting for!!  It's so much fun to think through the details and I have a great post planned to tell you about all the ways the Lord has BLESSED us already in this room.  He has been so good to us and I can't wait to show you how!!  Why I ever doubt Him is beyond me...He continually reminds me that He is our provider and sustainer and I LOVE Him for the little ways He chooses to bless me specifically.  What a joy this pregnancy has been and what a sweet gift we've already been given!  Happy Sunday friends :)  Have a great week!   


Rebecca said...

i am so happy for you! i know yall are having fun! i can not believe you are in the third trimester already- time flies! even more so once she gets here! you look adorable!

MissHeather said...

awwww I can't wait to meet miss ava!! I looked for you at church today but i kept getting caught up talking to people who i haven't seen since August ( and didn't know we were expecting! ) Thank you for your updates they help me to see i'm not crazy... oh and if you could send some of your energy my way that would be awesome ;)

I can't wait to see everything decorated!!

Heather H

Aspiemom said...

I love the color choice for Ava's room. Very good reasoning behind it and I think it will look very delicate with the soft brown/tan walls the the white and pink accents. Can't wait to see the final thing!

Enjoy your pregnancy!

Jay & Leta Palmer said...

steph! You are a beautiful pregnant woman! I love the color you picked for the room! You are so creative!

petrii said...

You go girl ~~ you and your pregnant self ~~ you are so cute!!!

I LOVE the color of the nursey. I am wearing brown and pink at this moment ~~ yep this very moment and thinking of you.

Have a Blessed week friend,

PS Where did you get the terryaki sauce for the chicken? Can I get it at Price Cutter or Walmart? I'd so like to make it this week for my guys!!

The Allens said...

I am with you - stuff EVERYWHERE and I am organizing the house one space at a time! It is crazy how important it is to me that everything be in perfect order!

Mother of a Firecracker said...

I can't wait to see the final shots of the nursery all put together. Scottie is itching to start painting the nursery but I can't decide how I want it painted.

PS I made the chicken recipe and rice recipe. It was great. Everyone loved it, well Scottie and I loved it. Micah is a very picky eater and doesn't eat whole lot of anything. If you have any other easy recipes please share. I am always looking for something new.

Rebecca Jo said...

What fun! I love the color - & you'll do wonders with that room.. I can only imagine how you will transform it!

Miz Jean said...

You are so funny! Because I can so relate! I am also obsessed with lists. And I have been known to sit and stare at a perfectly organized closet and get untold amounts of happiness and contentment. And don't worry - you'll get Sunday naps. Reagan takes 2 - 3 hour naps every day so that's generally enough time to sneak in a good rest for myself! :)

And on your childbirth class question - they are fun and I know its something you probably always wanted to do. But I remembered almost nothing by the time Reagan was born. So spend the $$ if you want the fun. Don't spend the $$ if you want to learn/retain information. The nurses will help you with anything you need to know when you're in labor so it is not an essential thing.

AmandaHoyt said...

I love that color! Green and brown are my faves :)
Looks like the room is a changin' for Miss Ava :)
Hugs and prayers,