A "frigid" Evening at The Birthplace Gala!

Oh friends, if you only knew the fun we had tonight!  If you only knew the cold we experienced.  If you only know how mad I am that I forgot my camera....

So tonight was the big night...our big "Gala" at the hospital, ok I'll stop calling it that.  It wasn't a "Gala" it was actually titled "An Evening at the Birthplace", but it just sounded like it should be a "Gala"??  I really wanted to dress up and come in a fancy outfit!  But I quickly let that go and upon seeing the rest of the people there tonight, it could have been quite embarrassing :)  Good thing my sound judgement took over!  Anyway, moving on, we drug ourselves out tonight, like the CRAZY Minnesotans that we are, and we attended a 2 hour presentation and tour at the hospital with about 100 of our closest friends, well actually they were all strangers.  But, it's amazing the connection you feel when you all look about the same and are thinking the same thing, "Is there anyway to back out of this whole "labor" thing??"  

I said we were crazy because today has been one of those, "I can't believe this is my life" kind of days.  I told you on Tuesday that we were freezing here.  Well as if it could not get any worse than that, it did.  When I left the house this morning to go to work, the thermometer in my car read -22.  I KNOW.  That is not how you want to start your day!  I flipped the radio on to hear that while the temperature was actually around -20 to -24, the wind chill in the twin cities made it feel more like -47!!  What in the world????  WHY DO WE LIVE HERE??  What amazes me about Minnesota is that no matter how cold it gets, life here doesn't stop.  School was still in session, people still went to work, I ran errands, and we were out until 9pm tonight.  How is that possible?  Layers people.  Lots and lots of layers. 

Ok, back to the "Gala" we were very encouraged with our time there.  I think all of my questions were answered and we both really enjoyed our tour.  Kind of made everything seem a lot more real.  I did have a few moments of panic wash over me where I was scanning the room for the nearest exit.  Moments when I thought for just a second, "Is it possible to just stay pregnant forever??"  or "Do I actually have to go through with this part?"  But, I quickly took a deep breath and started to breathe again and then I felt a tiny bit better :)  It's really hitting me these days...she has to come out!  I can't wait for that moment, but I'm not too thrilled at how we'll get there.  Or should I say "I'll" get there.  Oh well, I'm at peace with our choice of hospitals and I really felt happy with the labor and delivery nurses we met and heard from.  That's exactly how I was hoping to feel when we left, so I would consider this night a success.  

And, because my questions were answered and your advice was good for me to hear, we are choosing not to do the childbirth classes.  We were kind of leaning that way before I asked you, but upon hearing your encouragement to skip out, we feel better about that decision.  I do think I'll sign us up for a breast feeding class though.  I was interested in that anyway and your comments made me feel like it was good idea.  So, thanks for weighing in and giving us your opinions :)  

Well, I am exhausted from a long day of being in and out of the cold.  I'm watching TV in bed while Travis is finishing some painting in the nursery.  We have some fun things to share with you soon, it's really coming together and I am SOOOO happy about what I've found!!  I hope you have a great Friday tomorrow!  Stay warm!!


Rebecca Jo said...

I'm sure it was a little over whelming... but glad it made you a bit more comfortable. See - next time around - you wont have any worries!!!!

The Allens said...

I agree, we should be able to back out of this labor thing.

I would also love to opt out of the child birth class, but my husband won't let me so we are well into those. We've been to 2 of the FIVE.

Our hospital tour isn't for another 2 weeks. I'm looking forward to getting oriented there. I've never even been in the hospital here.

Aspiemom said...

I just can't imagine that kind of cold! Let alone to go out in it all day! Brrr!

petrii said...

Boo-Hiss, how cold? Good grief!! It is snowing here right now and got to 0 or -2 or something like that here, but -24 and -47 windchill oh my stars, just go have yourself a cup of steaming hot chocolate with A LOT marshmallows I say =) So glad it went well. And good idea with the breastfeeding class, it can definitely be a challenge at first.

Have a Blessed day,

amy said...

steph, so glad you were able to take the tour! you'll be amazed at how much more relaxed you are when you go into deliver just because you've toured the birthing center!!!! i'm glad you've opted out of the classes... but DO read up on labor and delivery (the what to expect when you're expecting chapter on it is actually pretty good!) and i would encourage you to read up on c-sections, just in case! i didn't with abby and just tuned out that info in the classes (sure that i wouldn't have one) and then i was SO SCARED when our regular birth went crazy and i was wheeled into the OR for a c-section! i WISH i'd read up on it... just to have been mentally prepared for the procedure! the second time around was sooo much easier! we're praying for you guys! love you!

sheltonfamily said...

You guys are crazy and so all your MN stories! The Gala sounded fun and I can just picture Travis at all of these fun birthing events. Have a great Friday with your family!

all up in each others bizness said...

i signed nick and me both up for breastfeeding...he was the only guy there,ahahahaha....especially fun for him when we all passed around the silicone boobs :)

AmandaHoyt said...

I'm glad you were able to tour the hospital and that you will be able to take the breast feeding class.
Hope it's getting warmer there!!