Misc. Monday, Ava Edition!

Well, Monday is here again and I'm full of misc. things! However, this is going to be mostly about about Ava :) I have lots of fun things to show you, I'm just going to warn you though, this is a long one!

#1- Look who's back home...Ryley!  My parents brought him back from his vacation in Iowa this weekend and we are thrilled to have his big hairy self around again :) 

It took him all of 30 seconds to jump up on "his bed" after my parents left this afternoon!  He loves to spend most of the day in here, and we're letting him because his time is limited!  That bed will only be there for about 2 more months :) 

#2- While my parents were here this weekend, we went out for dinner with almost all of my cousins (we missed you Robyn and George!).  It was my cousin Jenny's birthday too :) 

Amy and Joe

Brian and Rhonda

Jenny and Chris

My Mom and Dad, although I'm bummed that this picture is blurry :(

Trav and I

When we got home, we had some dessert and coffee and we got some help with the curtains in the nursery.  

How many men does it take to hang a curtain rod?  I'm so thankful for these 2 who helped us! 

#3- Remember when I told you a few days ago that we had already been so blessed in this nursery?  Well, this glider and ottoman are one of those "surprise blessings" we recently received.  The parents of a 7th grader in our ministry found Travis a couple of Sundays ago, with pictures of this glider and offered it to us, if we wanted it.  Little did they know that I was already in a hot pursuit of some kind of rocker or glider for the nursery.  However, I was not thrilled over the price tags I kept finding.... This was such a sweet gift from the Lord to us because not only is it what we needed, but it was something that I liked and that matched the nursery!  Well, the wood matches.  The cushions we are replacing, so that it will match and so that we can use it for years to come.  We are so grateful for this.  It's in beautiful condition and it is sooo comfortable.  Gliders are so smooth and we have all taken turns this weekend snoozing and reading in it!  I know this will be one of our favorite things in the months to come and I know I'll be logging lots of hours in it :) How sweet for us to sit in it and praise the Lord for His provision.

Here are some of the fabric samples I sent for from the company that makes the cushions.  We decided on the 2nd swatch from the left, a soft, tan corduroy that will match Ava's nursery, as well as any future nurseries!

#4- I've stared to collect lots of great things for the room in the last few weeks.  Here is the bumper and skirt that came last week, as well as some crib sheets I found.  I LOVE all of it and can't wait to see it in the crib!!

These are some cute stacking baskets with toille liners that I found.  They are so sweet and will be perfect for Ava's toys!

Today my Mom and I opened up 2 bins of clothes that we have had for several years.  When we left North Carolina and I was done nannying for Olivia, her parents gave us so many of her things, including all these clothes!!  Look at all of those...I was so excited when we found out Ava was a girl, especially because I knew that meant we could use these clothes!!  When my Mom comes back over spring break, we will be washing and organizing and sorting out all these clothes!  What another great blessing from the Lord. 

Yesterday we found this great bookcase that will be perfect for Ava's books.  We have started collecting some, but I'm hoping to fill this lots more!  I love children's books and we will be reading lots to her.  Right now it's full of random gifts, but I love it and think it will be so cute next to her crib.

Here are some more sweet boxes for her stuff and those houses are containers that were in my Grandma's kitchen.  I want to use them somewhere, but I'm not sure how or where yet.  

Here are the curtains we hung, which I think are so sweet!  They are crushed velvet and so soft.  
#5- Finally, I have been promising for a long time so show you Ava's haul from Christmas.  Well here it is...

Receiving blankets, a music player for her crib and a great book from the aforementioned, Miss Olivia :) 
2 sweet pink outfits from Trav's Mom.  She'll be soft and warm in those!

The cutest little shirt and sparkly jeans from my sister's in-laws.  Thank you Jim and Deb, we love them!!

Is this not the cutest little dress you have ever seen??  My friend Amber sent this to me and I totally squealed out loud when I opened it!  

She also sent these little bloomers to cover her diaper...Ok, soooo adorable!!

And she also sent us another cute Iowa Hawkeye onesie.  Her Grandpa will be so proud when she wears this one!

Not to be outdone, my sister Stacie also gave us such a darling monogrammed gift!  Isn't this onesie so fun???  I can't wait to put her in this one!!

She also gave us this sweet outfit, which reminds me of my aunt Bette, because it looks like a cross-stitch design, which she used to do all the time!

She also gave us this cute little frame for the nursery, it's very cute and true!

My other sister Jennie found this sweet little tutu for Ava!  How fun will that be??  And because Jennie has never turned down a pair of shoes she liked, she also gave some to Ava :) 

My parents gave us these cute onesies, a hooded towel, and this pink sweater that is so cute!!

They also gave us a Hawkeye sippee cup to match our Hawkeye pacifier....

....and my Mom found this precious cable knit sweater....

....these patent leather shoes....

...and this curious george toy with some books!  I used to love curious george when I was a little girl, so I'm sure Ava will too!

And finally, my "other parents" Kirk and Joan, gave us this amazing little hat!  I think she should wear that home from the hospital, don't you??  It could be her first Easter hat, depending on when she's born!!  

So there you go, lots of misc. things for you to view today!  Travis is off from work and my parents are on their way back to Iowa, so we are headed to a movie in a few minutes.  Hope you're having a great day today, happy Monday everybody!!


Landra Lynn said...

AWWWWW!!! All the adorable things in this post are the exact reason why I hope we are having a girl! lol

Too adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a very happy group! I know you enjoyed your parents visit and working on the baby's room. The presents are all adorable. I read your friend's blog, Kelly and praying for her quick and full recovery.

Miz Jean said...

Oh Steph! Its all ADORABLE! But I just wanted to quickly say that Reagan got that blue shirt/sparkly jeans from her Auntie, as well, and it is a very fun outfit! Can't wait to see your little girl in it!!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Mother of a Firecracker said...

Such cute outfits for Ms. Ava. I can't wait to see pictures of Ava in her outfits and of course that cute hat. Curious George is one of Micah's favorites and I am sure he will teach his sister all about it. Time coming very close for us both and I haven't even started on the nursery yet!!

Faith said...

Love it all!!! Especially the monogrammed things. I know you are having so much fun!!

AmandaHoyt said...

Everything looks SOOOO Adorable!!! Looks like everything is coming together - how fun!!
Happy Monday!
Hugs and prayers,

Rebecca Jo said...

Look at all the clothes she already has... girls are so fun!!! And those little diaper covers that are initialled - that is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!

And I love the picture of all the guys putting up the curtains...

When is Ava due? I need to make a knitted goodie for her.. if its spring - I have the cutest knitted dress pattern I've been wanting to try....

amy said...

how sweet! abby had the same monogrammed diaper cover (just her initials/name in solid pale pink).... and i used it every Sunday under her Sunday dresses. it was sooo sweet! that's awesome that you have so much stuff from olivia... do the seasons match up? hope so! hand me downs are so nice to have and Ava's closet is filling up fast!!!

petrii said...

Oh my stars Stephanie,
I love the way the Lord provides through others!! It is just GREAT!!! And I love the material you have picked out to do the cusions in . . . so cute.

And those outfits esp the one with the diaper cover -- get-out-of-town CUTE!!!!!

I've been praying for you sweet one and will continue.

Have a Blessed day,

AKat said...

hi! i found your site through kelly and harper's. we're due about the same time, so i just stopped by to say cute blog and enjoy your last few weeks!!!

Heather said...

What amazing, darling things! Blessed, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Steph, what a wonderful edition! Loved all the pics of the baby clothes - Ava won't have time to wear everything at this rate! The room is darling - love the color. The rocking chair is amazing - Shaye had one and I loved it - I could rock a baby all day in one of those! Thanks for all the cousin photos - makes me feel like I know your family. You look great! Love, Pam