And Here We Go, Welcome Third Trimester!

Happy Friday!  I am finally sitting for a little while with my feet up.  We have been busy today, waiting for my parents to get here tonight and trying to put our house back together.  Travis is done painting the nursery and it looks great!!  It's still going to remain a guest room for a little while longer, but we have a few new baby things in there, including the crib bedding which arrived at our door yesterday!  We don't have the crib to put it in yet, but I know it will look so pretty, I love it already!!  I'll take some pictures when I get some more work done in there. 

We took my belly picture tonight, because we're going to be busy with my parents all weekend.  I will be 28 weeks on Sunday, officially marking the start of my 3rd Trimester already!  Can you believe that??  We went to the doctor today and got to hear Ava's sweet heart beating.  I always love that sound.  She is doing great and I am right on track.  It's been fun to really feel her more and more in my stomach.  Several times lately she's been really close to the front of my abdomen and we've been able to feel her body parts because they're so hard!  We're not really sure what we're feeling, but if she's still in the same spot, then I'm guessing we're feeling her little rear end and spine!  How fun is that?  She woke me up in the middle of the night for the first time a few days ago, while she was moving all over the place.  I tried to tell her it was time to sleep, but I don't think she cared :)  I just had to wait until she was ready to settle down again.  

Anyway, we are very excited to have my parents for a couple of nights.  I have a list of things I'm hoping to accomplish, but we'll make sure to have plenty of fun together too :)  It's a little warmer here today, we actually broke into the positives for the first time in days!  It's kind of like a heat wave!!  I hope you have a great weekend.  I'm really looking forward to ours :)  


petrii said...

WOW you look so cute ~~ the 3rd trimester already!! How exciting!!! Have fun with your parents this weekend. There's nothing like having mom and dad around =)

Have a Blessed time,

Rebecca said...

you look adorable! so glad everything is going well! i wish we could get to meet each other's children before they are too big! you'd love love love Tate and the baby girl too- and I am sure I would love Ava too!!!

Aspiemom said...

Now you get Ryley back, don't you?

Have a nice time with your parents.