Feet to the Fire....

Sorry for the leave of absence I've recently taken from this blog. It's been a crazy and stressful week since Thanksgiving and I've hardly had time to breathe, let alone blog. I'm really getting tired of saying that...I feel like it's the story of my life, or at least this year! Apparently the Lord decided to test me after I wrote a blog about being Thankful for all that He's blessed us with...ironic? I think not. While we were in Iowa, on the day we were to head home, my car refused to start and decided to "die" in the land it came from. We knew this day was coming but we weren't prepared for such horrible timing! Needless to say, my feet have been held to the fire over the last few days as we've had to become a one car family while shopping for something else. Word to the wise, don't shop for a car 3 weeks before Christmas! It's not good on the cash flow! Anyway, add that challenge to an already stressful week and you'll know why I've been absent. I have lots of things to blog about but currently no time to do it! One of these days I'll catch you up with photos and descriptions, but for now I am desperately in need of sleep. Hope December is off to a good start for you! Can't believe Christmas is 3 weeks away??? I'm trying not to think about all the stuff I need to do between now and then...I think it might interfere with my sleep if I dwell on it! Happy December!

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Cars never die at the right time do they??? Just when you think you can get a head something happens doesn't it!!! It does keep us humbled and focused on who provides for us though doesn't it. UGH!