Video Fun...

We have been pushing our Airband competition for a few weeks now, trying to get the students excited for our New Year's Eve Blast...each Wednesday night we've had a "performance", starting with Travis and Jason's group, and I've been meaning to put these on here for your viewing pleasure! They have been hilarious...can't wait to see what the students come up with!! Enjoy!

Here is another great staff video of our Program Director, Jed and His wife Sarah, along with two of our other volunteers doing their best performance of Good Charlotte's "I Don't Wanna Be in Love"...I think Sarah is a wonderful wife, don't you??

This fun video, "One Girl Revolution", is courtesy of our Senior girls with their leader, Amanda...nice dancing!

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Unknown said...

Hey Guys!
Loved the air band performance! Looks like a fun way to stay active and WARM up there!! Sue W