The Puzzle is now complete...

Christmas morning was especially fun this year because the "long-awatited proposal" finally happened for my sister Jennie and her finace Dave. We knew it was coming sometime during the day, but Dave surprised everyone and proposed to Jennie, in front of all of us, after we opened gifts. Tears were flowing all around and Jennie's eyes were immediately glued to the new ring on her finger! It was very fun and a memory we won't soon forget...from that point on I don't think Jennie heard much of what we said all week...she was in la-la land and as every new bride does, she was flashing that ring all over the place!! Way to go Dave!

Our tradtional Christmas morning-right out of bed-everyone dreads but does anyway-picture!

Tigger in his annual Santa costume, which he hates and we love!!

The actual moment they got engaged, after a stunned Jennie realized what was happening!

The North Carolinians, Stacie and Jesse, back in Iowa where they belong!

Christmas morning with my hunky favorite present ever.

The Happy Couple posing in one of MANY pictures to follow that day!

In case you're wondering what Ryley got for Christmas, here it is! His very own hamburger and hot dog!

The eight of us, plus Tigger, plus Ryley!

Three sisters and three rings...we've been waiting awhile to take that shot!

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sheltonfamily said...

This is so cute! I love your family pics... I feel like I know all of them by now through the blog!Another, wedding to plan... your poor parents. However, I'm sure they are thrilled!