Details, Details, Details...

The gorgeous bridesmaids' bouquets...we LOVED how these turned out.

A close-up of the bouquet...they looked so pretty with our dresses.

Olivia's sash and the pendant that came with it...we chose our sashes for the bridesmaids dresses because of how pretty this sash was.

Jennie's beautiful dress, that no one was allowed to touch for the previous 24 hours!!

The line-up of shoes!

Jennie's shoes...which were darling, but not comfortable! I believe she was complaining within hours about the way her feet hurt!


MiMi said...

Oh my word --everything looks like it was just perfect! I love the bouquets and that sash and pendant are absolutely gorgeous! And the shoes....what can I say about the shoes?!? I can still remember how bad my feet hurt on my wedding day and THAT was 30 years ago!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Looks like the Wedding turned out very beautifully. I remember my shoes very well from my Wedding day. White satin bedroom shoes because my dress was altered wrong!

Faith said...

I LOVE every single detail! Just perfect!