Wedding Fever

We are officially in the middle of another wedding this weekend, so I thought it would be fitting to share this highlight video with you from my sister Jennie's wedding. The link will take you to a portfolio page and you'll just need to click on "highlight video" to watch it. There are also some short videos from the day, that are under "jennie and dave," and they are great too! My Mom called this week to tell me about it and I forgot to watch it until this afternoon. I am totally and completely biased, but it is beautiful!! The videographer did a wonderful job, and this is just the highlight video!! Anyway, hope you love it as much as we do!!

We are headed to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner tonight for Emily and Kristian. Travis and Kristian have been great friends for years, so Travis will be standing up for him this weekend as his best man. We were thrilled when Emily entered the picture and we are very excited for them this weekend, as they take this important step into marriage. I'll take some pictures tonight and tomorrow to show you, but in case it takes awhile for me to get to it, you'll know why! We are in full-tilt wedding mode right now and we leave for Family Camp on Monday, so it's going to be another one of those crazy weeks! Hope your weekend is going well. Enjoy the video!!!

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