So I just have to tell you, that today at VBS, one of my new seventh graders found me at my registration post and made my day. She came running over to me and quickly dropped a large, bright thing on the table in front of me, and then quickly darted off. You never know what that could be when it's coming from a 12 year old, but I picked it up and managed to shout a "thank you!" her way as she ran down the hall.

I told you yesterday, that this girls' weekend was kind of a thorn in my side, but that God had really spoken to me months ago about it and I knew it was an act of obedience that I needed to demonstrate. It's funny because, sometimes God asks us to do things, that we don't want to do, and sometimes we do them anyway, but often our "obedience" seems to go unnoticed or unrewarded. And yet other times, He chooses to bless our obedience and He lets us taste a little earthly reward to let us know that He's pleased with us and that our work wasn't in vain.

The last two days, He's graciously chosen to reward me by letting me know that this weekend meant a lot to several girls. Their Moms have thanked me, their girls have hugged me and today, this sweet seventh grader made my day by handing me the kindest card that she worked very hard to make. You know, the kind of card with glitter and cut-out bubble letters, Bible verses and thoughtful words. She said I "greatly impacted her life with my words and by talking honestly about my personal life...she will never forget that weekend!" Now I know that she's just a seventh grader, and these weekends will come and go in her life, but for now, I'm very grateful for her simple encouragement. I'm grateful that I didn't miss the blessings God has given me as a result of this and I'm grateful for a hot pink card with lime green letters, to remind me of it! She's a sweet little girl, who's already tasted the pain of some grown-up issues. To know that the Lord touched her heart this weekend, is more reward than I need or deserve. I can't wait to see her tomorrow so I can give her a big hug and tell her how much she impacted me too. These are the times that keep me smiling in Junior High Ministry!

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Faith said...

So thankful that the Lord gave you these little blessings!! =)
Hope you are having a good week! I'm praying for you!