11 Weeks and Another Weekend, Another Retreat!

Travis and I were gone again this weekend, this time at the High School Fall Retreat.  Travis spoke all weekend and we got to spend some time at the most GORGEOUS camp, about 4 hours away up north.  We LOVE to come to this camp because it's so beautiful, it's not at all like being at "camp" it's more like a resort!  And, because Trav was speaking, we got to really relax and enjoy ourselves.  There are benefits to this youth Pastor thing!!

This was the view from our bedroom and deck, of one of the lakes the camp is on.  So pretty.

One of the traditional things we do at Fall Retreat, is a flag football competition between grades.   There is lots of clean, old-fashioned trash talking that goes on, but it's so fun to watch!

Just so the students know where they rank, the winning grade always takes on the staff team.  Travis wants to make sure that you know the staff won this year, by 2 points!   Yeah staff!!

This is the back of the home that the staff stays in...oh yeah, it's amazing.  Just wait until I show you the inside!!  It's almost a crime that we get to come here and get paid for doing it!! 

                                                       Another view of the lake.  

Here's a view of our kitchen and the reading loft inside our house...
And here is the view of the living room...just picture me laying on one of those couches, with the fireplace going, and a hot drink in my hand!  The view from those windows is amazing...

When you walk into the front door, there is a tree in the foyer!  The house is vaulted and open, so very cool.  I LOVE all the logs and the design of this house.  Whoever did it, nailed the look!!

And this is the room where we get to stay...oh yeah, it's as great as it looks!  We've stayed in this particular room 3 years in a row and we plan to be back again next year!  That bed is so comfy, I always sleep so well when we're here!  And that is Travy, prepping for his talk.  

This is perhaps the thing that sold me on this camp...our own bathroom, with clean tile, a sparkling tub, endless HOT water, real towels and a CLEAN shower curtain.  All my youth ministry friends out there will recognize the gold mine that this is!!  Most camps we attend have less than ideal bathrooms and I always have to bring my own towels, flip flops, and cleaning products.  This is the one time when I don't have to do any of that!  It's cleaner than my own!!

Because Travis was speaking, we came up early on Friday and spent some time at the camp and then went out for dinner.  Of course I was taking lots of pictures and making Travis pose with me!!  He's such a good sport...

The main lodge and dining hall, with a great coffee shop too!

Practicing for lots of rocking in the future!

One of the many lookout spots that are around the camp grounds.

We decided that I should let you see the little belly that I'm starting to grow.  This is me at 11 weeks, in my regular clothes, which are starting to get too tight!  I read recently that if you are beginning to show at this point, it's most likely due to bloating and early weight gain.  Great.  That was really depressing to read!  It really is such a weird stage I'm in, I can see my body growing and changing shape, but it honestly just looks like I'm getting fat!  I think I'll be ready to start showing soon, just so you can tell this weight is from the pregnancy and not too many cheeseburgers!!

See all those hammocks on the beach??  I parked my behind in one of those and totally enjoyed it!!  Their beach front is so nice and what you can't see is 2 major 28 person hot-tubs that over look the water!  Can you believe that?  I never attended a camp like that as a kid!

My favorite camp speaker!

Because we were so far up north, the colors and the trees were gorgeous!  Look at that bank of trees across the lake!  I can't wait for the leaves to start changing here.  

The grounds at this camp are immaculate...almost like being at Disney world!  These flowers were so pretty.  

This was the house we stayed in...wish it was my real house!

Travy and I went on a date before the kids arrived Friday night and we went to this little bar and grill on the water.  In honor of Kelly, I took pictures of what we ate.  I chose a walleye sandwich, which was great, but a little peppery.  I ate quite a bit of Trav's meal, because it was better!

Travis got these ribs, which were SO GOOD!!  The meat was falling off the bone and the bar-b-que sauce was so tasty, I could have had it to drink!!  He was very nice and shared it with me!

We had a fun little date, but I have a few problems with this picture.  First, it appears that we are drinking a case of Bud Light.  We are not.  That box held our silverware and condiments!  Second, note to self, do not tip head back to expose growing chin and neck...Not flattering.  Third, I think my face looks bigger to me!  I was a little alarmed when I saw this, could I be looking pregnant in my face already??  The good news is that Travis looks cute as ever.  


Kelly said...

That looks like such a fun retreat! I'm proud of you for taking pics of food. People have been pointing out to me that I don't take pictures of food much anymore and it's because I was so sick for so long that I could barely look at food much less take pics of it. ha!
I think you look great! Before you know it - you will have a huge stomach - it seems to grow overnight and it's just AMAZING!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Wow! That looks nicer than any summer camp I've been to!
I think you look so cute! I have people tell me all the time I look ready to pop and I'm only 19 weeks! I guess it's cause I have baby belly left over from Tate! I learned my lesson and will lose it this time before another baby!!
You're adorable! That big old belly will look so cute on you!

sheltonfamily said...

I can barely look at your blog cause I am so jealous of your weekend and your weather. The place looked amazing... How come JAM Camp was not there? !! ha ha... I think you did bring cleaning stuff there? You look so cute with your tiny baby bump. Give it 11 more weeks and you will look so different. The joy is radiating off of your face!

petrii said...

Oh my goodness that place is gorgeous and you missy are the cutest little pregnant girl ever!!! You are Travis are so cute together and I love the food pics ~~ seriously for me, always bring on the BBQ :0)

Have a Blessed week, Dawn

Rebecca Jo said...

OK - I'm the first to admit, working as a Jr. High Youth Leader - I am COMPLETELY jealous of your surroundings - especially the bathroom!!!! Yeah - I've seen some horrible ones...words can't describe. UGH!

Looks like a fantastic weekend! And you're little new growing belly is just adorable - dont get frustrated or upset - you look beautiful! Glowing!

~Bekah said...

WOw! that is such a beautiful place! God's amazing touch is gorgeous to see first-hand like that! I also posted pic's of our amazing weekend and the scenery too and i posted fall decor pic's too! haha. i love all ur decorations! soo cute and creative!! i love fall! i meant to post on ur fall blog but forgot. :( Ur little belly is soo cute! :)

Faith said...

That camp looks amazing! I think you are looking adorable. And, aren't you so thankful for sweet hubby's who will share their dinners? My husband does that for me all the time! We are blessed!

Heather said... much to say! First, you look AMAZING and so cute and so happy! Second, I worked in youth ministry for 3 years (and as a volunteer much longer than that) and still speak to youth and women's conferences..and I have NEVER been to a retreat place that nice! What a blessing!
I just love how relaxed it looks and how you got a "vacation!"
I loved reading this post and seeing all the pics- AWESOME!

MiMi said...

WOW that place is gorgeous! What a neat house you got to stay in! You and Travis are so cute together! Love all the pictures!

amy said...

what an AMAZING camp!!! i think justin and i both just stared at the pictures in amazement! we went to go to that camp!!! you look so sweet at 11 weeks! we are so thrilled at this amazing gift God is creating in you! you and travis look so ready to be parents! i can't wait to see all God does in your lives!