My Breakfast Date

One perk of school starting again, is that I'm down to nannying for just one of my little guys while his brothers are in school.  For the pregnant girl who is always tired or hungry, that is a big blessing.  Plus, Barrett couldn't be cuter, so what more could I ask for to get me excited about motherhood?  Yesterday we had ourselves a little breakfast date at Panera, because I couldn't live through storytime at Barnes and Noble without eating something substantial first!  So, I had their spinach, artichoke, and egg souffle and Barrett had a pumpkin muffin, which left crumbs all over the booth and the table when he was done!  It was yummy and I don't know who was more excited about it, him or me!!??  Barrett loves to eat, so I have a little partner in crime when I feel like a snack...that boy is always game!  Besides a date with Travis, I haven't had a better one in a long time!  Lots of eating, little talking.  That sounds great to me!!

Seriously, isn't he just to die for??  Those big brown eyes and that little face...Lord help me!!


Kelly said...

HE IS cute!
Those Panera egg souffles helped me survive all of those sick weeks. I hate eggs but for some reason that was the only thing that sounded good in the mornings.

~Bekah said...

Ahh, he's adorable!! What fun you two must have had! That's a GREAT way to get you ready for motherhood!

Faith said...

He's a cutie! So glad you two are enjoying these fun times together!

Rebecca Jo said...

What a fun breakfast that must have been!

Rebecca said...

He is TOO cute! What a fun breakfast date! Tate and I occasionally venture to Panera but as you know it's a 45 minute drive for us just for breakfast, so when the baby girl gets here we may cut back on that! Take care- I'm still SO excited for y'all!!

petrii said...

MMMM Panera Bread, one of my fav's!! He is a darlin'!!

That pic of you and him is just the cutest. Hope you feeling well and again REALLY enjoy your blog !!