Reunited and It Feels So Good!

My boys are safely home again and I'm so glad!  They got home late afternoon yesterday, so we've been spending some much needed time together today.  They had a great time, Travis said they caught 223 fish for the week (0r something like that), so it was definitely a successful trip.  Ryley had a blast too.  He is so exhausted today, he doesn't know what to do with himself.  He's basically been sleeping since the second he got home!  I'm so glad he went though, I know it was fun for him.  Here are some pictures from their trip and from the bonfire I went to with my cousins on Friday night.  We both had a great week, but it's much better to reunited!!  
Travis was very excited about this big catch, and apparently Ryley was too!  He is staring that fish down, as if it might make any sudden moves!
I love this picture!  Ryley must be searching for fish too, he just doesn't have a pole!
And this is probably how he "jumped/fell" in the water!  Travis and my Dad said that they had to tell Ryley several times to stay in the boat because everything in him wanted to be in the water.  Also, he wanted to get up close and personal with every fish they caught, so he could smell them and lick them.  GROSS!!  Again, it was so good I didn't go on that trip!
One of my favorite shots...a fisherman and his dog.  My Dad was SO glad Ryley came with them!
Again, right up there in the action!  Ryley had the time of his short life, all 4 years, this past week!  Travis said he was just in Heaven on the boat every day.  I think this proves it!
Ok, so cute!  Isn't he handsome?  And I think he looks like a fisherman here.  Oh, and the scenery isn't too bad either!
My Dad and a big catch...Notice Ryley trying to sniff it.  I don't want to know what happened next!
I went to a bonfire with my relatives on Friday night.  It was a perfect fall night and we sat around the fire drinking cider and roasting marshmellows, while the kids played night games.  This is my cousin Jenny and I.  Both of our husbands were missing, Chris is a pilot and was flying and of course Travis was in Canada.  We had a great time anyway!
This is my cousin Rhonda, and her oldest Hayley.   Rhonda's and her husband Brian are our double date pals.  We've done many a late night movie with them!  Hayley just landed a part in her high school fall musical, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Yeah Hayley!  We can't wait to see it!
This is my cousin Amy, and her husband Joe.  Amy makes me laugh like no one else.  Our sense of humor is very similar!  We're dangerous together!  And I've mentioned Joe several times on my blog.  He is a very talented artist and you can buy his music here.
This is my uncle Ron and his wife Linda.  I heard all about the family tradition of everyone being at the hospital when I deliver, no matter what time it is!  Sounds good to me!  The more the merrier!!  Ron has been at the hospital for all 13 grandkids, so I guess he knows what he's talking about!!
This is Cindy and Dan.  Cindy was a nanny for several years when they moved here like me.  The kids kept getting us confused in the dark, I guess because of the straight blonde hair??
They guys broke out the guitars and drums for some sweet background music.  This is my cousin George and my cousin Brian.  It wasn't too long before Joe was in there too!  George and Brian lead worship for our kids ministry at church, gotta love that!  
This is my cousin Robyn, George's wife, and my uncle Ron again.  Robyn went to our junior high fall retreat with us as our camp nurse (she really  is one!) which was fun for me!  She also has 2 junior highers in our ministry right now.  I would have loved to have taken a picture of all the kiddos, but they were never still long enough for me to accomplish that!  I LOVE my family and we are so BLESSED to have them here with us, and at Church.  It's so fun to do stuff like this together whenever we can.  


MiMi said...

I love all the pictures of Ryley on his fishing trip! You are right --he is VERY handsome and he looked like he WAS having the time of his little life! The place where they went looks like it was absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing the great pics! And 223 fish -WOW!

Glad your boys made it home safe and sound!

Jesse and Stacie said...

Fun!! I LOVE those pictures of Ryley on the boat. They are so adorable! :) Also like the pictures of the cousins. Tell everyone hello for us!

petrii said...

Wow that was a Beautiful place to fish ~~ and that Ryley is a keeper!! So glad they had fun ~~ that was one BIG fish.

You look to cute at the bonfire.

Have a Blessed week, Dawn

Rebecca Jo said...

What awesome pictures! Your Ryley is just too precious! I bet he had the time of his life - with dreams of fish all night long! The picture where hes just staring at the fish in the face - that is too cute!

Glad you're family is all back together!

amy said...

so glad your boys are home! i'm sure you're enjoying every precious moment with them!

Faith said...

Great pictures! My husband would probably give anything to be able to go on a trip like that! Glad they are home now!

The family gathering looks like so much fun. How neat that you can all get together like that!

Heather said...

Those fishing pics are Amazing! So glad everyone is home and reunited!
OH- and I forgot to comment about it in your last post, but I am EXACTLY like you and love my bed! I would stay in there all the time if I could. Just like you said, I look forward all day to getting in there (usually with a snack) and watching TV and just relazing! I died when I read that there was someone else who did that, too!

sheltonfamily said...

I am once again very jealous of your cider and bonfire. We are still drinking iced-tea and wearing t-shirts. Ryley does look like he is in doggie heaven! I am sure you are glad that you did not go on this trip. It sounds fun for maybe a day?

The Allens said...

I love following your blog - I'm eighteen weeks pregnant.

MamaDawn said...

I know we don't know each other but I'm supposed to tag random people... so I'm tagging you.

Your dog is very cute!