These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

I keep pouring over all of your sweet comments, cherishing every single one. Thank you for leaving comments and encouraging us this week. You have truly added to our joy and we are incredibly grateful. Some of you have shared really difficult heartaches with me and I want you to know that I am writing your names in my prayer journal and I am asking the Lord to meet you exactly where you are at and to minister to you. He cares about every hurt and He always knows better than we do. It's not always easy to rest in that knowledge, but He brings such peace and is very worth of our trust.

So along with the joys and emotions of this pregnancy, I have developed quite a struggle to eat anything normal without it turning my stomach or giving me heartburn! Of course I have waited a long time to feel this badly, so I am NOT COMPLAINING! In fact, I am incredibly thankful for every wave of nausea I feel. But, all that to say, eating is not easy these days and every time I go to the store, I come home with weirder assortments than the last time! Travis does not know what to think I'm sure and the poor thing has hardly had a decent meal lately. I just can't bring myself to cook. I've tried a million things to keep the nausea at bay and some things work and some don't. I find a strange comfort in feeling sick all the time however, it does make me remember that all of this is for a purpose and feeling carsick 24 hours a day, is indeed a good sign!

I thought you might like to see what I'm putting my husband through....

The first thing I eat every morning, a small bowl of Special K with ICE-COLD milk. It never sounds bad.

Grape juice has replaced my need for coffee. Travis and I fight over these little bottles though, we both love to grab one for the car ride to work!

I love these!! They are totally meeting my pop needs! I have never been a big pop drinker, but as soon as you can't have something, you naturally crave it constantly! I have wanted an ice-cold coke for the last 10 weeks, but I have been good and stayed away from all pop. These have become the best substitute. They are tart and not so sweet, and carbonated!! Sparkling grapefruit is my favorite flavor.

And this is the bad thing I crave...chocolate donuts. Chilled in the fridge. I could eat one of these at all hours of the day and night. NOT GOOD. With every bite I try to remind myself, "This is only a temporary indulgence! Don't get used to it!!"

Yep, classic pregnancy craving. I suddenly LOVE a cold, dill pickle!

These crackers are next to my bed every night. I like the buttery taste these days, more than the saltiness of saltines.

My regular blog readers know will know that I LOVE coffee and I can't imagine heading into the fall and winter season without it! However, my doctor would like me to stay away from the caffeine, so I have been trying to find a natural decaf. Ironically, I can't stomach the thought of coffee in the morning, the smell is too sweet, but I love the thought of a cup at night! I blogged awhile ago about our new, WONDERFUL coffee maker and I was thrilled to find this decaf blend from Caribou that is all natural and made for our coffee maker!

Perhaps the weirdest craving of all, spaghetti-o's. You couldn't have paid me to eat these before, but all of the sudden, they taste so good to me! My Mom cannot understand this!!


sheltonfamily said...

So gross on the spaghetti o's... I can't even get Ellie to eat them! I agree with everything had to be ice cold. Oh and I am kind of bad when I am pregnant... I always had caffeine free coke and occasionally the real thing! I craved grape juice as well... no way on orange or much dairy at all. It made me so sick. I agree that feeling sick was comforting that all was okay! Enjoy your Friday!

Rebekah said...

I hear you!!! I will have to blog about my cravings, too! They are hilarious! I eat like I am 6 years old!!! Isn't it the weirdest thing! You truely have NO control over what sounds good to you! I know how you feel about being sick. It is conforting, but still no fun!

Miz Jean said...

Ha! Oh I love it. Strangely, I think I would love all those things NOW and I'm not pg!

I craved Lucky Charms. It was the only thing I could eat at any time that would "sit" well with me. I had one bowl every morning. And often, I ended up having a few more bowls throughout the day. But I had a 9.5 lb. baby so I don't know that I recommend this pregnancy diet.

Still so happy for you!

Also, have you tried peppermints for the nausea? They were my lifeline in those first 3 months!

all up in each others bizness said...

i had nausea from conception through labor both about freaky...when your vomiting and giving birth??? i was like seriously? this isn't going to quit? But it did,thank goodness....but i am still an "easy" vomiter....thanks kids,lol

if you need any reviews on nausea meds just ask...:) i vomited so much i got bleeding ulcers....but your right theres a huge comfort in knowing there was purpose for it!

As for craving....i lost 20 pounds with both my pregnancys....i ate cans and cans of tomato soup with abby(and that is her favorite food now,lol)....i went through so many cans that nick came home with a crate one day...after i cried because that hurt my feelings(ahahhaha) i didn't wanit then we had a crate to give away....pregnancy is good with jackson i only wanted strawberries...which is great when you have gestation diabetis cept...that quickly turned into strawberries with whipped cream and before you knew it i was eating strawberry shortcake sundaes daily,ahahaha....goodtimes...abby was 7 pounds 14 oz and jack was 8 pounds 10 oz...

honestly if you crave pop go for it...i drank it with both mine and my kids are "normal",hehehe....a caffiene free diet pepsi is just not what i wanted....and i never got one vitamin to stay down with either....Gods in control!!!

Enjoy this steph...i have goosebumps for ya :)

Rebecca said...

I haven't had any weird cravings with either pregnancy, but with both I have had to give up my favorite thing in the world because just the smell of it makes me want to get sick or actually get sick.... and that favorite thing is none other than COFFEE.... oh how I miss it!! But actually I don't miss it, I just miss liking it.... I finally am over being sick and able to go to the grocery store and smell meat without getting sick, that's nice- but I still don't feel like cooking it yet!! Poor Tate- when I was getting so sick I'd gag(and sometimes throw up) evey time I changed a poopy diaper... Oh but all the nausea is a good thing. Means that little one is in there and doing well....

Rebecca said...

If you like hot tea they make a really great morning wellness tea for expecting mommies....It's really good...

Drew and Shelly Ham said...

Ahh, Stephanie. What great posts these past few have been. I know it must feel wonderful to finally have the great news out! It is so great to hear how the Lord has brought you through this journey - you have a wonderful way of writing about it. I can't wait to read blog posts about the little Armstrong baby in a few short months! By the way, your food pics made me laugh. Pregnant women's tastes are so strange! :)