The Apple of Our Eye

Ok, I get the award for "worst blogging as of late!" I know, it's been bad. I've basically been absent for over a week now, and several of you have called me or emailed me to make sure everything is ok. Let me put your minds at ease, yes, everything is great! We've just been busy, I've been tired, and our internet has been down all week. So thus, no updates. I am quite touched however that I've been missed! I'll try to fill you in, if I can remember myself what's been going on??

On the baby front, all is well. As you can guess from the picture above, our little lemon became an apple this week and is now around 4.5 inches long! I am feeling pretty good, but still haven't experienced that "burst of energy" I keep hearing about, so hopefully that's on its way. It is wonderful to have the nausea gone though and to feel like my mornings are no longer a matter of survival! I am eating lots of my favorite foods again and I'm cooking a lot more now. Travis is thrilled about that upgrade I'm sure! I do feel more "normal" these days, although nothing about me seems to be very "normal!"

I do have one complaint that I am seeing my OB about on Monday...I am fairly certain that I have a pinched nerve in my back, and I'm guessing it's my siatic nerve?? I was in a car accident a few years ago that really affected my neck and back and lately, the pain seems to be coming from the same area. I imagine this pregnancy and my changing, swelling body is aggravating that area again. Sometimes it is so bad, my left leg gets numb and I have a shooting pain from my lower left back, in my left hip, and down my left leg. It hurts to walk, to sit, and to lay down. You can imagine how much fun that is! Anyway, I am going to ask her at my 16 week appt. what I can do about it. Obviously I can't take any advil for it, so that's kind of a bummer. I'm really hoping she'll send me to a physical therapist. My Mom told me last night that she had the same thing with my sister. She also confirmed that it wasn't much fun. And ironically, my Dad has been dealing with a pinched siatic nerve for the last 3 weeks too! I guess we really are related huh? Anyway, when I asked my Mom about the pain that would cause in labor, she laughed and told me that she was sure that would be the least of my problems at that point!! Great. That wasn't too comforting.

For some really dumb reason this week, I have been watching those horrible delivery shows on discovery and tlc. You know, the ones that feature high risk women and deliveries where every single thing goes wrong? I have been fighting my mind from letting it go there in fear. I have no idea what convinced me it would be a good idea to watch them, but I did and now I'm trying to erase most of it!! I even sucked Travis into this bad idea and made him watch this new, CRAZY, documentary on Discovery about this underground movement in Europe and the U.S. called "Freebirthing." Let me spare you the shock and agony by telling you not to watch it. It basically follows these "WACKO" women who have given into the idea that it would be wise to deliver their babies at home with NO DOCTOR, NO MIDWIFE, NO DRUGS, and NO ONE ON CALL. It's just them and their "partners" with no back-up plans, should something go wrong. It's nuts. Some of them live a long way away from the nearest hospital and they seem to think that is no big deal. It was totally distubring to watch. I realize that women did this for many years before we had modern medicine, but now we have modern medicine and professionals who are trained to handle emergencies and I personally think it is irresponsible not to use them. Sorry if that's offensive to you, but I just can't imagine taking my baby's life, not to mention my own, into my own hands when we have access to the best medical care in the world. CRAZY. But, that's just my opinion. Travis and I could not stop talking about it!

This weekend we are actually in Iowa, hanging with my parents and my sister Jennie and her husband Dave. We got here last night and will be here until Saturday night. We are about to go out for breakfast, so I'll wrap this up, but I'll take some pictures and try to get some more posts up in the next couple of days. Thanks for missing me, for the record, I missed hearing from you too! Hope you have a great Friday morning!!


Rebecca said...

They called the social services in on several of those women and Jeremy and I were glad they did. I realize that's the way it used to be done and it feels more "natural" but we have been blessed with medical professionals to help us. They could have at least had a midwife. And did you see the one woman who said she wasn't in any pain at all? I doubt that! I mean, it wasn't that painful for me, but I wouldn't say it was painless!! We agree, CRAZINESS!
And I think all those shows are addicting while pregnant! They scared me the first time, but since I had such a pleasant experience I'm not as scared by them this go round, but still, my mind wanders, "what if things don't go as well this time?" But I am trying not to go there either!
Congrats on your little apple!!

Faith said...

So glad to hear that you are doing good! We need to see pictures of you and your little apple =)

Thanks for your sweet comment on our pictures. It was so much fun and I'm so glad we did them!

I'm glad we're blog friends too! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Heather said...

I have definitely missed you! SO glad to hear that the "apple" is doing well...I will pray for your back. I know that is not fun. Hopefully you can get your dr. to send you to the PT.
Have a wonderful weekend, Steph!

amy said...

steph, so glad you all are doing well! we were getting a little worried! :) i had the exact same problem when i was pregnant with josiah... it was BAD. the dr told me i could go to a chiropractor, who said josiah was turned and my uterus was pushing against my siatic nerve. just reading your post reminded me of that awful pain... same thing with the numbness down the left leg... and it didn't get better until about 3 months after i delivered. but now, i'm pain free! :) have a GREAT weekend with your family... what a relaxing break for you guys! :)

Beth Whitehill said...

Hi there! I came to your blog from Kelly's Korner...just enjoy reading people's stories. First, congrats on your sweet apple.

I can totally relate to your pain. I know it sounds wacky...but I have done it and it works-Accupuncture. I know...but really, it helped me SO much. Not only pain relief, but it was like going to the spa it relaxed me so SO much. Also I called my insurance and the pre-certed me and paid 90% of each visit.

Hope it gets better.

petrii said...

So glad all is well. I've been wondering about ya.

Have a Blessed and fun weekend,

Matt and Jen said...

glad to get updated!! don't know if you got my message a couple of weeks ago, but hope things are well and they sound like they are. my advice to you...don't watch the shows!!! haha

all up in each others bizness said...

ahahhaha......your mom is right...LEAST of your problems...if you want a normal birth video let me can get to know me "REAL" well,lol..

my mom has that same nerve pinching and pain...she has for years..hurts to stand,lay etc.somone actually told her it was arthritus...but the latest news is its a circulation problem...losing weight and walking everyday for 45 minutes was prescribed and has helped a ton!

welcome back online :)