Guacamole Anyone?

 Travis and I just got done with my 16 week OB appointment this afternoon.  I'm very happy to report that all is well, we got to hear that strong little heartbeat again.  This week our apple is becoming an avocado..guess who's craving guacamole??  I think a mexican dinner date is in our future! We read in our book that the baby will double in size over the next days.  I think I believe that because my hips have been aching lately and so is my back.  Thankfully my doctor gave me a referral for physical therapy, so now I can call our insurance company and see if they'll cover it.  We are very thankful for a good visit.  Every time I get ready for one of those check-ups, I always feel nervous right before we go.  It's hard not to let my mind wander and imagine the worst.  But, there is nothing to be worried about and that is something we're very grateful for.  

I read a couple of verses today that encouraged me and reminded me of how faithful the Lord has been to me.  It wasn't too long ago that I was feeling abandoned by the Lord, or at least as if He had forgotten me.  We waited a long time for this baby, not as long as some however, and then we had a pregnancy taken away.  I was struggling at this time last year, believing that the Lord was in control, but really doubting His goodness for me.  It wasn't the first time I felt like that and it probably won't be the last.  We've all had things happen that make us question God's goodness and His love for us, individually.  But while I was struggling with how I "felt", I kept going back to what I know and believe to be true.  God's word was and is a life-line to us both in times of plenty and want.  His word told me that He was good, that He saw the big picture, and that He always acts in the best interest of His children.  My feelings never said those things while I was hurting, but  He did.  And now, one year later, I see the benefit of trusting Him still.

"I am still confident of this; I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."
Psalm 27:13-14

David wrote those words in a time when he was battling loneliness and going through some kind of trial.  Life wasn't easy and it wasn't what He necessarily wanted it to be.  But he was confident that while he was still living, God would show David his goodness.  He knew it was right to put his trust in the Lord and wait for His timing.  He knew those things because He had walked with the Lord and He knew His character doesn't change.  We are facing such turmoil in our country right now with the economy and the pending election leading the way.  It would be easy to doubt God's goodness and to question His love, but that is when we cling to His word and trust His character.  He saw the big picture a year ago and He knew I would be pregnant with this baby today, just like He sees the big picture and He knows what lies ahead for our country.  I hope that you are able to rest in His goodness today, no matter what the news tells us!

We had a great time at my parents this weekend.  It's always fun to go home and just laugh.  We spent some time with the newlyweds and with my aunt and uncle.  Overall it was a very laid-back visit, which was just what we all needed.  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

I could not pass up all the leaves in my parents yard!  I drug Travis and Ryley out there for a photo shoot, which they both loved :) 

I love this one, but with the sun streaming on us, I couldn't get it any darker.  I like it because I'm mostly hidden!

We won't have too many pictures of just the two of us soon!  I do love that we have 5 years worth of photos from all the places we've been together and all the things we've done.  That is a blessing to have so many years together. 

Potential Christmas card?  I think it might be a little too "light" though.  Usually it depends on whether I can talk Travis into enduring another session!!  It is very, very hard to get a good one with Ryley looking at the camera.  We all lose our patience quickly!  This might work, especially if I have it printed in "sepia" or "antique."

Our photographers, my Mom and her beloved maltese, Tigger.  Now that the "nest is empty" Tigger has taken over!

We look like family I think?  We're just missing an important member, my sister Stacie (whom we all want to move closer to home...hint, hint)


Rebecca Jo said...

Girl - you still dont even look like you have a bump yet unless you pull the clothes to your are looking fantastic!

And the picture with the sun ray - that is gorgeous! But love the pics with your fur-baby in there too!

all up in each others bizness said...

u think a dog is hard in a picture wait till you have a kid,lol

petrii said...

How cute you look sweet one. I am so happy for you.

That verse God has been speaking over me lately. Thank you for being faithful to put it here on your blog today.

Great pics!!! Have a Blessed week, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Such cute pics. Glad you were able to get home to spend some time with your family. LOVE Jennie's haircut!

Heather said...

I definitely think you should use that for your Christmas card pic! It is wonderful! We have two dogs, and can NEVER get them both looking at the camera!
Your post about trusting in God's timing and His goodness blessed me today- thank you!

MiMi said...

Definitely think that pic should be your Christmas card! It was a great picture of all 3 of you. Loved it!