It's Wednesday and I'm Still Sick

Well, I'd hoped in vain I suppose, that I'd be all better by now.  But sadly, I'm not.  My sore throat has morphed into a deep chest cough and a runny nose.  I have almost no voice and little energy.  On the bright side however, my ears no longer hurt!  Oh well, it is my first bad cold of the season and here's hoping that it's also my last!  I went to the pharmacy yesterday, to ask about what specifically I could take during pregnancy.  They were very helpful and sent me home with some over-the-counter drugs and a handout for future reference.  I am feeling better today, despite my hacking and sneezing.  I have been getting as much sleep as possible, so I think that is making a difference.  I am holding out and trying to kick this on my own before I have to get on an antibiotic.  I know there are safe ones, but I don't like the idea of too much in my system right now that isn't "natural."  Anyway, I just keep taking it easy and hope to feel better soon.  At least the Lord gave us a beautiful sunny day today.  That helps!  

I must confess, Wednesdays are typically my least favorite day.  They are usually so full and Travis usually has his hands tied most of the day.  However, this morning I got to have one of those great days with Travis.  One thing I like about his schedule is that it is very non-traditional and flexible.  Sometimes that's great, other times, if I'm honest, I hate it!!  Typically on Wednesdays, Travis will prep from home and go into the office around lunchtime.  I think he likes being away from the phone and people dropping in to ask questions, so he likes going over his message at home.  I happen to love it, because I get to see him longer and it makes my time with him and my Wednesdays a little better.  We usually have coffee together and sometimes lunch too.  I always love that.  Even if I'm sick!

I have learned that being married to a youth Pastor often means that Wednesdays (or whatever days your group meets), is kind of a hit or miss day for the two of you.  He is often very busy for much of the day.  He is usually distracted with whatever he's teaching on or too busy getting ready for all that a Wednesday night entails.  I have discovered that he doesn't appreciate me calling him a lot on these days, especially when I have nothing to say, and he gets easily stressed out when I try to pin him down for a decision or an opinion on something, especially in the late afternoon hours. It took me a long time to figure this out, longer than it should have, but I have since learned my lesson.  Unless I am in some sort of emergency, most of what I need can wait until Thursday.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to paint the picture that he is unwilling to make time for me, he is always available for me, no matter what day it is!  I am very secure in his love for me and in his priorities.  However, I've learned that one way I can serve him better is to make his most stressful day, Wednesdays, as smooth as possible on my end.  With 100+ students, parents, volunteers and paid staff, he has enough people needing him.  I have learned not to fight for his attention.  Anyway, I digress...

This morning, we got to spend a little time together while he studied and I cleaned.  I have needed to catch up on the mountains of laundry we've had, which I did, and now I'm getting to rest a little before tonight.  I love days like today.  Just being home with both my guys, doing normal stuff, is my kind of day.  I know these days are fleeting, so I'm trying to really soak them up.  However, after the baby comes, I have a feeling I'll love them even more!  I know I'll be tired and have more on my to-do-list, but there is nothing like being at home with the ones you love...I'll take it however I can get it!  For those of you wishing you could spend the mornings at home with your husband too, just keep in mind that mine won't get home tonight until 10:00pm and when he does get home, he'll be exhausted and hungry!  And he won't feel like talking much.  All of those other people will have sucked him dry.  So much for loving the non-traditional schedule!   The grass is always greener, huh???


Anonymous said...


I emailed you when I first started a blog and you were helpful. I have been meaning to say congratulations! How wonderful that God has blessed you. I look forward to reading about your journey. I hope you feel better soon!

Faith said...

So sorry that you still aren't feeling good. I will pray that you are back to 100% soon!

Glad you had a wonderful morning with your man!

MiMi said...

So sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad. Praying that you will soon be back to good health very soon.

Rebecca Jo said...

Darn it - hopefully this will be your last cold of the season!

And it takes some understanding spouses to have your partner in a youth ministry. Those kids take alot of your time - my husband can completely sympathize with you - Wednesdays are a big day for us too.

Take care of yourself!!!!

Amber said...

Steph -

I hope you feel better soon! Its no fun to have a cold, but its even worse when you are pregnant!

I love the belly pic! Isn't it amazing to see your body start to change?!

I can't believe we're 3 and 4 months along already.

Soon we'll be snuggling those babies in our arms instead of our bellies! Yay!

Feel better!