Today Travis and I have a rare and unscheduled chunk of time to be home and just do NOTHING!  I love it and we desperately need it.  Travis told me this morning that this is his first day off in 2 weeks, and I would have to echo the same.  We have been BUSY these last couple of weeks and finally we are getting a little breather.  We've been wrapping presents, eating, reading, cleaning up a little, eating more, and making a serious dent in our Christmas card list.  Amazing how much we love this season, but how time just slips out of our grasp so easily.  We are working hard to protect our time in the next week so that we can really enjoy Christmas.  I hate the feeling of waking up the day after Christmas and realizing it's over and we never really stopped to enjoy it.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR!!  We are eagerly anticipating a week in Iowa with my family, but until then, we are trying to enjoy our time here too.  I am farther than I've ever been with my Christmas shopping but there still seems to be endless errands to run.  Yesterday I finished 58 centerpieces for our Women's Christmas Brunch on Saturday at Grace.  That was a good feeling to cross that off the list!  Now I just have one more event to help with next week and then I'm officially "not available" for awhile.  Hope you have a great Friday today!  I am going to keep this short today in an effort to move on to the next thing on my list :)  I've got a bucket of fresh greens and berries calling my name...can't wait to create something fun!  

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Rebecca Jo said...

Good for you for taking time for the two of you!!! Enjoy it!