Trimming the Tree

Merry Christmas from the Armstrongs!  This was the winning shot for our Christmas card :)  We match the background of our photo card from snapfish!  

It took me awhile, but I finally convinced Travis to embrace the tree and help me decorate it.  He was a great sport and turned the Christmas music on for us and helped me unpack the ornaments.

What I love about Trav is that every year when we do this, he says the same thing with every ornament he hangs, "this is my favorite one babe, let's hang it at the top."  I hear that about 20 times :) 

Ryley just laid on the floor and watched us.  He really didn't care what we were doing!  The first Christmas that we had him, he was still a puppy and he chewed off some of the ornaments we had hanging at the bottom of the tree!  Now he couldn't care less about any of them.

After a great Sunday nap, we spent the rest of the day and night in our jammies.  A perfect way to spend the day! 

Little miss Ava at 21 weeks!  Next year she'll be watching us do this and probably staring at all the lights! 

The finished product.  I love my new tree skirt.  This is the first year I've had one I liked!

We tried some pictures with all three of us, but we all lost patience quickly.  This was the best one, but still not great.  

This is Ryley's contribution to the Christmas card.  I ordered some with 2 spots for pictures, one of Travis and I and one of Ryley.  Next year we'll add little Ava too!  


Rebecca said...

Your tree is so pretty! I just love this season! We are a little behind and getting ours up this weekend! For lack of space with play pens, etc. Jeremy has decided that he prefers for us to have a table top type tree, but that works for me! It still is pretty, but so much easier!
You look adorable!
We just had our family photos taken so I'll be posting them to my blog and facebook soon! Tate looks so different than he did on last years Christmas card!
Hope yall had fun in Texas and your trip back was a little easier!

Rebecca Jo said...

Love your belly!!! And that's a tribute to your marriage that you two can put up the tree together - I FORBID my husband to help with the tree - we end up not talking at the end of it if he helps... lol!!!

petrii said...

What fun pics!!! So GREAT that Travis helps and Ryley too and next year little Ava will be getting in on the act.

You look so cute in your jammies!!

Have a Blessed day,

Erin said...

I like the picture with the dog it in! You can always lighten it so it looked better! It shows your entire family, you should have shown that cute little belly! Love the tree and all the decorations!

LyndsAU said...

I love the decorations :) Yall look like such a sweet happy family! :) Too cute. And your belly is growing. Little Ava is getting big :)

Faith said...

It looks so pretty! I love all the red. We still haven't put ours up yet, but I hope we can get to it SOON!

Anonymous said...

Your tree is beautiful! I feel like mine is a bit of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree but I hope to post pictures of it soon! I think you look great and I love the name Ava! What a classic, beautiful name.

Heather said...

I love your tree and tree skirt and LOVE the pics of sweet little AVA in your belly! Isn't it fun to know and be able to talk to them and pray for them by name while they are in there?!?!

Natalie said...

Beautiful tree!!

I'm a lurker that has finally come out of hiding -- I actually *dislike* the word lurker and would just assume say "I follow your blog" -- but I ANYWAY!

Your dog is adorable - I swear he looks like he could open his mouth and TALK!

MiMi said...

Your tree is so pretty and I love the Christmas card picture of you and Travis! Of course, being the dog lover that I am, I also love Ryley's! He looks so handsome!

You (and Ava) look adorable! I agree that jammies are the perfect way to spend ANY day!