The Endless December To-Do-List

I wonder if there will ever be a day when I feel like my "to-do" list is done??  EVER???  You'd think that this would be the time, before kids, when I feel like I have a handle on stuff and like I am on top of my game.  But alas, it couldn't be further from the truth!  I don't know if it's the added pressure of nesting or what, but my list right now seems to be a mile long and like everyone else, I'm just watching my calendar get eaten up by event after event.  I've got a few things cooking at church, which is great, but lots and lots of work to do at home too.  I suppose it will get done, most of it anyway, but at this particular time, I don't know how!  

Here's what's currently looming over my head:

1.  Christmas cards.  I've picked up the pictures, but now I have to write the letter, print the letter, stuff the envelopes, get the addresses and buy stamps.  And then mail them.  Hopefully before Christmas.  

2.  Christmas shopping.  I have one person done.  Out of like 20.  And lots of out-of-towners who I need to buy and ship gifts to.  I guess you know what I'll be doing on Saturday!

3.  Centerpieces.  I'm doing centerpieces for like 58 tables for our women's christmas brunch next week.  Fortunately they are pretty easy, but they're going to require time.  And right now that is limited.  

4.  Decorations.  I'm also helping decorate for our big Christmas production at Church on the 18th, which again is not hard and should be fun, but will require even more of my time.  And some errands looking for stuff to use.  My "days off" are quickly disappearing :)  

5.  Appointments.  Dentist appointment for fillings (oh yeah, should be fun); physical therapy appointments for my back; and another OB appointment at 24 weeks.  Lots of waiting rooms in my future.  

And add to those things the normal chores like cleaning, laundry, groceries, errands, work, church, a SWEET HUSBAND :) and a baby on the way....

Is is 2009 yet???


Rebecca Jo said...

Just imagine what next year with all these things to do AND a baby!!!

Be sure to take the time to relax some - for you & the baby!!!

The Allens said...

I am having the same List issue. I want to get SO much done before Little One gets here and I feel like I fall further behind each day!

amy said...

Steph.. I had to laugh as I read your list! I feel the same way... it never ends! And for some odd reason, I always volunteer to help with other events that I have no time to help with! Hopefully you'll get some things accomplished... address your Christmas card envelopes while you sit in the waiting rooms! ;)