Upgrade/ Downgrade

***Just to clarify, because I'm getting emails about it, we did not have dial-up internet previously!  We weren't that archaic :) We had wireless internet from our city, it just wasn't reliable or always available.  That's why we switched to broadband internet through our cable company.  Everyone take a collective sigh of relief....***

I am oh so happy tonight.  "Why" you ask?  Because I am blogging with my new, upgraded "lightening fast" internet connection!!!  And I am loving it.  After months and months of struggling with internet issues and trying to keep my sanity/morality in check, I am finally able to surf the web without complaint.  Oh the joy in my heart :)

Obviously this new found ease represents the upgrade portion of today.  The downgrade portion is just a little bit sadder.   D-day has officially come and gone and we are now basic dish network subscribers, as opposed to premium subscribers.  Who feels sorry for me now?  Exactly.  In an attempt to be wise with our budget, we are making cuts here and there, knowing my income is going away for awhile.  First our cell phones took a hit, no more internet package on my phone :)  Next we went after the 200 TV channels.  Now in reality, I know this is a good thing for many reasons.  We have been really examining some of the stuff we are so "used to" and whether or not we "need" it.  TV is not a need by any stretch of the imagination.  Now I'm not going to lie, I did try to talk Travis out of this several times.  I'm in a little bit of shock with no Fox News, but I will survive.  It's probably better anyway.  It's hard to watch any news coverage and not become severely depressed from the grim economy.  But, I am a little worried about how we will cope without ESPN.  Especially since March Madness is just beginning... Oh well.  I have plenty to keep me occupied with and once Ava gets here, even more so!!  Thankfully our favorite shows (American Idol, The Office, 24, Lie to Me, etc.) are all still part of the package :) 

Now to my favorite news, I get to introduce you to another family member of mine who has joined the blogging world!!  
My brother-in-law, Dave, is back from his blog vacation and up and running again.  I know you will love his blog, he is very sweet, insightful, and possesses a twisted sense of humor that I totally get!  So, hop over there and say hi.  Now that both of my sisters are represented in blog land, I'm working on my Mom...


Rebecca Jo said...

oh... the memory of dial up... what a black period of time - hehe!!!

Good for you for getting rid of stuff that you dont need...I know we tend to think we NEED all 200 stations, but I'm sure you'll find you get by just fine without it... especially after Miss Ava arrives - you wont have time anyways!

Anonymous said...

Dial up! You Kids!! Peggy

all up in each others bizness said...

congrats on doing the right thing and downgrading :) one of the firsts and manys in your parenting journey :)

i felt convicted yesterday of your sacrifice and nixxed my one internet and tv on my cell phone...ahahah, 30 dollars extra a month can go to something more useful:)