Misc. Monday with Ava Page :)

Oh how life has changed :) Mondays have always been my favorite day of the week, as you know by now.  It was a great day to catch up from the weekend craziness, to clean the house, get the bills organized and schedule my week down to the minute.  That was life "pre-Ava" and this is life "post-Ava."  Big difference.  

I would never have known that today was Monday, without looking at a calendar this morning.  My days are all running together now and I seem to be existing in a world of 2-3 hour chunks...Ava's feeding schedule :) I am getting stuff done everyday and yet getting nothing done.  This is my new reality I've decided.  I have little windows during my day where I race around trying to get as much done as possible before those little cries begin and someone needs my undivided attention.  I love it and I'm stressed out over it.  Not stressed out because it's too much or I can't keep up, but stressed out because it's so different from what I've grown accustomed to for the last 5 years.  I know it will not shock you, and I've mentioned it a dozen times before, but I am so type-A and so borderline OCD over certain things, having a baby is probably the best thing that could happen to me!!  It's making me relax and go with the flow like never before :)  Having Trav's Mom here has been a wonderful blessing.  She is such a big help to me and she's given me hours of time to dig out from the piles of mail and laundry and other misc. stuff that has taken over our house.  It's been wonderful to get out for an errand here and there and to know that Ava is getting lots of love from her Grandma Texas.  But I soon know that Ava and I are going to be on our own and the real challenges will begin :) I'm looking forward to it and dreading it.  I can't wait to develop our own routine together and yet I'm already trying to prep myself about what habits I need to let go of and what priorities have to become more important than others.  

My little 7 lb, 21" long bundle of joy has been so good for me in ways I never could have predicted :) She just might become the one who finally breaks me of some over-the-top tendencies!  

In the mean time, my Monday was as misc. as they come. 
-A few cat naps here and there
-Feedings every 2 hours
-A run to the bank
-Swaddling, cuddling, and singing
-Breakfast, lunch and dinner
-Endless diaper changes
-A few phone calls
-Catching up the blog :) 
-Photos of ten tiny little toes
-And kisses all over this tiny little face :) 
-And lots of time with Grandma Texas too.  
It's a new, misc., wonderful world!  I'm loving it, trying to make sense of it and learning more than I ever did in school :)  Welcome to life as a first time Mom...


all up in each others bizness said...

ahahaahahah....You'll do great and adjust!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it does look very auburn with strong on the red high lights! You guys have a great time. I'm finished with the rag quilttop mom made and would like to get this cute kimono top finished for Ava to go in with it but I'm struggling because I decided to make it reversible and that complicates the finishes but I'll get it. Peggy

petrii said...

How beautiful those 10 toes are and your thoughts on motherhood. You are a great mom!!!

Have a Blessed Tuesday,

Framed by Grace said... I miss those days. Cherish them. They will fly by fast! Enjoy the little things and relish in the moments that count! She's beautiful! Congrats New Mommy!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Awesome post - oh how much we give up for our children :)
Have fun along the way - and don't stop taking pictures of those adorable little toes!
Hugs and prayers,

camp h said...

What a beautiful little cutie Ava is! It was so fun to see her (and you) at church on Sunday. Yes, things do change quite a bit, don't they? It is a HUGE adjustment, one day at a time! So fun to see your pictures, and to read your "story" about your new life with sweet little Ava. You are doing a great job, Stephanie!