"Not me!" Wednesday

You know, when there isn't much going on, there isn't much to blog about!  After a seemingly eventful day yesterday, today is much, much quieter.  Ava is still rooting around in my stomach and sticking body parts out here and there across my stomach, but those darn contractions have subsided and I am back to waiting.  So, instead of telling you what I did today, because it's soooo thrilling, I'm going to take a cue from MckMama and steal her "Not Me!" idea and let you know what I most certainly did NOT do today or for the last few days...

  • I absolutely have NOT been sleeping in every day this week until 9:00 am, getting 9+ hours of sleep, nope not me.  And even with all that sleep, I have NOT complained about how tired and exhausted I feel.  
  • I also have NOT gone to the kitchen, grabbed something for breakfast and then climbed back into bed to eat it...I would NEVER do that.  
  • And I most certainly did NOT walk around in circles this week, trying to think of things to do.  And today I did NOT sort beads, thousands and thousands of little colored beads, in an attempt to keep myself busy.  That would be crazy!  And I don't do crazy :) 
  • If you lived near me, you would NOT have heard my shower running today, at about 3:00pm, for the FIRST time in 2 days.  No, not me.  I would NOT skip showering, knowing that I could go into labor at any minute.  Who does that?  And better yet, who has people in and out of their home for the last 2 days, without showering once??  NOT ME!!
  • I definitely have NOT sent my husband emails and texts, telling him how bored I am, while he's busy working.  That would be insensitive wouldn't it?  I would never do that.  No, the word  "bored" has NOT left my mouth about a hundred times a day.  I'm very happy at home :) 
  • Even though there are many things I could be doing to fill my days, I am certainly NOT making myself stay home, in an attempt to NOT spend money.  I am much too disciplined for that and way too mature to be tempted at the malls...I do NOT have a slight shopping problem that has surfaced at the end of this pregnancy.  Nope.  I can walk past a thousand baby stores without having to go in each one, looking through all the racks, and buying more things.  And, I definitely am NOT surfing the internet, dreaming of more stuff this baby "needs."  No way, that does NOT sound like me :)
So there you have it, I won't bore you with what I have been doing today, but I will leave you with what I most certainly, definitely, and absolutely have NOT been doing!!  

 Happy Wednesday!!


tapango1 said...

i'm not leaving you a comment

Melissa said...

loved this!

Charity said...

I think your baby girl needs to come on Saturday.. then she would share a birthday with me :-)

petrii said...

This was so cute you poor bored little mama =) Waiting for that sweet baby girl to get here is hard work. I say have another breakfast in bed =)

Have a Blessed Thursday,

Heather said...

Hang in there, Steph! She will be here soon! I am praying with you that it will be in the right timing for your family to be there!