What's Been Going On??

I seem to be getting lots of requests for pictures, pictures, and more pictures!!  So, I'm happy to cooperate and share some cute ones from the last few days :) It seems my girl can't stop doing things that demand a picture, so I'm very quickly taking over my hard drive with hundreds of pictures!  At some point I either have to stop taking them or I've got to get an external hard drive to store them all in.  It's seriously crazy to see all the pictures we've got of her and she's not even a week old yet!!  If she wasn't so incredibly cute...

Travis and Ava have developed a little nighttime routine that is working for all of us.  He happily spends a good hour or two, just like this, playing with Ava until she falls asleep in his lap.  Even as I'm typing this, they are on the couch together while she sleeps and he strokes her hair.  It's one of my favorite things to watch :) 
It's a great time for them to spend together and it gives me a nice chunk of time to get some stuff done before we all go to bed.  Plus, I love to hear him singing to her or talking to her.  She just stares at him with big eyes and melts his heart every time :) 


We went for our first visit to Ava's pediatrician on Wednesday.  It was also our first outing together as a little threesome :) And it was one to remember.  I was very proud of myself about it in fact.  I got up before Trav and Ava and got our stuff together.  I fed her, changed her, put her in the cutest outfit and then Travis and I even managed to make ourselves look presentable.  Just as we were ready to put her in the car seat and head for the garage, I went to get her out of the swing, only to notice that she had just spit-up.  When I say spit-up, I don't mean she dripped a little milk on her bib, no she practically vomited the grossest, bright yellow stuff I've ever seen :)  Classic.  Her outfit was covered in it and it was all over her neck and caked in her hair.  And somehow we never heard it.  In fact she was grinning when I picked her up :) Oh and it happened at the very minute we needed to walk out the door.  Isn't that just typical??  Of course that threw me into a tailspin and I was trying to wash her off and re-dress her in 2 minutes flat...You can't see the doctor for the first time and smell like spit-up, let alone have it caked in your hair :) 
But we made it and she was a hit with the staff, not to mention her Daddy :) 
She got her first shot, which killed us, but she was just fine in a matter of minutes.  We've got so many kids in our life and germy junior highers at that :) Not only do we need and want her to be vaccinated, but somehow I ended up having to get a shot too!  I was actually enjoying a visit that wasn't going to involve me being checked, looked at, prodded, etc :) But I should have known that was too good to be true.  I got a tetnus shot with whooping cough because as it turns out, junior high kids are carrying whooping cough more than any other population.  Not only do we want her to be safe, but we don't want to bring anything home.  It was a good thing to get and Trav has his turn next time.  
But more importantly, Ava got a great bill of health.  She is 6lbs, 12oz and not jaundiced :) So, we all left happy.  

Later in the afternoon, Travis was itching to get out and he took Ava on her first walk.  I was going to go with but I was sooo tired that I decided I needed a nap more.  And Travis told me it was his turn for a daddy/daughter time, so I took that cue to lay down :) Unfortunately for him (and for me), it was a short walk.  Ava decided she was hungry shortly after they left and she let him know by crying.  But, it was darling to watch them leave together.  I spied and took this picture from the balcony. 
But the best moment of the day was last night, when Travis made a surprise appearance with Ava and showed her off to all the kids.  This isn't a great picture, the lights were too low in the room, but it was such a sweet moment for him, I didn't want forget it.  Right before he went in, they played the theme song from the Lion King, where the dad holds simba up before the pride.  Well, in this case, Travis was the dad and Ava was simba :)  The kids loved it and so did we.  I have never seen Travis look so proud in my life, he was beaming for the rest of the night.  


It's purple Thursday :) She looked so cute in her little purple onesie, pants and pacifier.  I took that opportunity to stage a photo shoot.  And she did not disappoint.  
Look at that sweetie!!  This might be my new favorite picture of her.  
Wait, no, this might be my favorite :) 
Um, whoops, no THIS is my favorite!  
And then she smiled and that's always my favorite :) 
Because she's my favorite and no matter what look or what pose she's got going on, I LOVE them all!  
On a totally unrelated note, it occured to me today, while looking at these pictures, that my hair is incredibly dark!  At first glance, I chalked it up to being greasy, but then I remembered that I did, in fact, shower today.  I really think I have the "darker hair from hormones" thing going on!  We've been wondering where her auburn comes from, but according to these pictures, she's not the only auburn girl in the family :) 
Love that little snuggle bug
In her post-milk coma :)
I love being a Mommy!


Unknown said...

Ok steph i don't know if you'll read this but I have to ask... The purple paci... We have a green one and it chokes Elli... Is the purple one by chance smaller?? or is it just purple!?? Thanks!

Oh and I love that she was very coordinated in purple :) too cute!!!

Heather said...

SO, SO CUTE!!! I am so glad you guys are having such a good first week together! Ava is just a doll!!!! :)

Jordan said...

Those are all super Adorable!! She is too cute! =]

Rebecca said...

hey heather- i know in the hospital they give them a real tiny one that i can not find to buy anywhere! and when my 9 week old was a couple days old her brother hid the tiny one from the hospital and i haven't found it yet!

stephanie- i am SO happy for you! i know you love being mommy. it is the best! hope it's a great birthday for you! oh, and it never, ever fails, they know when you need to get somewhere, so they will major spit up OR poop all over everything--every time!

she's so so pretty!

Aimee said...

Seeing that teeny tiny cuddle bug sets my maternal clock a-ringin'! She is precious:)

petrii said...

What a doll baby ~~ oh my stars!!! And as I looked at these pics I thought "look at all that dark hair". So Sweet!!

You are such a good mommy~~have a Blessed Friday,

Jesse and Stacie said...

LOVE all the crib pictures, she is too cute! And your hair is darker!! That's so cute Trav wanted to take her for a walk :) I bet Ryley wanted to go too! Happy Birthday!! I bet this will be your best birthday yet!!! :) Love you! Aunt Stacie

Jay & Leta Palmer said...

Happy Birthday Steph!!! :) Am continuing to love all these pictures! :)

Amanda Hoyt said...

Ava is just the most adorable baby ever! She looks like she's modeling for you in those purple shots! How cute!!
Enjoy these days - they are so sweet and cuddly when they're so small :)
You look great - you are a wonderful mommy!
Hugs and prayers,

Rebecca Jo said...

I loved that she smiled when she was covered in puke at the worst possible moment...she was checking to see how mommy & daddy are going to be!!! You passed, I'm sure!

I love that Travis is sitting with the breast feeding pillow around him! She's all stretched out too! He looks like such a proud daddy in each picture!!!

I think they are all my favorite pictures too!!! Love coming to see pictures of her!!!

Anonymous said...


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