Emily and Dave's Wedding

Here are some photos from the wedding I had this weekend.  It was a smaller wedding party, but I really loved the color scheme and flowers we chose.  I'm happy with how they turned out, but as always, glad it's done!  Enjoy :) 
The Bridesmaids wore cornflower blue dresses with silver accents, so we chose shades of pink to compliment them.
Emily's Bouquet with the Bridesmaid's Bouquets.
Roses, mini calla lilies, spray roses, queen anne's lace, and verigated pitt.  
Roses, orchids, mini calla lilies and verigated pitt.
Bridal Bouquet
Maid of Honor Bouquet
Bridesmaid's Bouquet
Toss Bouquet
(L to R) Groomsmen's Bout., Best Man's Bout., and Groom's Bout.
Mother's Corsage and Father's Bout.
Grandmother's Corsage and Personal Attendant's Corsage.
Cake Topper.

Congratulations Emily and Dave!!


Joyce said...

The flowers are beautiful...I love the colors!

I have just caught up on your posts as I've been mid-move (still waiting on my overseas shipment but finally have my computer set up at home)...your little Ava is so darling. I love the red hair! I married a red head who is from a family of redheads and was sure I'd have red heads but mine are both blonde. Maybe I'll get to have some red headed grandchildren one day : )

Rebecca Jo said...

wow... just wow...

The France Family said...


petrii said...

You do such beautiful work!! These are just beautiful!!!

Have a Blessed week,

Erin said...

You do an amazing job!! Can I send some people your way?! Also do you have an email I can link from my website. :)

Ron and Peggy said...

Well Granny would have absolutely swooned at this wedding, she's a pink fanatic. You did a great job, Steph.

Rachael said...

These flowers are truly radiant! They look beautiful. Hope to see more wedding photos in the near future.

Heather said...

Those are gorgeous!!! You do such a wonderful job!

Faith said...

Beautiful job as usual, Steph!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Absolutely beautiful flowers!!!!