A Sigh of Relief...

Well, where to begin??? I can't imagine how long this post could potentially turn out to be! I'm not even sure how to recap the last few days because they have been packed to the limit with constant activity. I suppose I will start with today and work backwards.

However, before I get to that and in case you are interested, the weddings both went extremely well. I was so happy with how everything turned out, but let me tell you, it was soooooo much work! My Mom and I worked from 8:00-5:00, 9-9:30, and 9-4:30 on Wednesday-Friday. We are both so exhausted, but it was honestly quite fun spending all that time together! We laughed until we cried, ran all over town and crawled into our beds at night. It was seriously crazy! I also had a team of helpers working with me, which was wonderful, but even still, we worked ourselves to the bone. Travis' Mom was a lifesaver and basically became Ava's full-time nanny for three days :) They had some good one-on-one time and I was able to work without worrying about Ava. It was wonderful. I will do an individual post about each wedding, with tons of pictures, as soon as I can.  There are so many pictures, if I tacked them on here, you would fall asleep at your keyboard! 

So instead, here is what we did this weekend after all the wedding maddness...

With so many grandparents in town, we had to celebrate by going out to eat!  
Ava told us she'd just love to eat at Maggiano's, so that's where we went :) It has been so unseasonably cool here, that we even chose to eat outside on a picture-perfect night. 
Here she is, just minutes after arriving at the restaurant, in her second change of clothes.  We've now decided that the following formula is in place; 

 tiny, little ava + eating at a restaurant= immediate blowout x epic proportions.  
Result?  1 frazzled mom, 1 poop-stained outfit, and 1 brand new change of clothes.  
Anyway, after our bathroom incident, we walked over to a beautiful park nearby and enjoyed  a perfect, Minnesota summer night.
The 4 of us played 9 holes of miniature golf, on an incredibly tough course, and were defeated soundly by Travis and his increasingly odd putting stance! (I can say that because he never reads my blog and therefore will never know I said that!)
Ava stayed behind to hang with her new best friends...
Her Grandmas!  They fed her, watched the paddle boats go by and waited for the golf excursion to get over.
Then we passed this little girl from person to person :) 
First Aunt Jennie...
Then Grandpa :) 
It was a fun night.

Today was also a very special day and the reason all of our family came to town.  This morning we dedicated Ava in church.  It was a sweet day and one we had been anticipating for awhile.   
Ava's Texie was there to help me get her dressed this morning.  Isn't that dress so darling?  One of my Mom's friends bought it for her.  We loved it!  
She did a wonderful job during the service.  She remained stunned by the crowd and the lights with big eyes most of the time :) She did cry just a little bit, while our family and friends were praying over us, but only so we could hear her voice I'm sure!  She was so darn cute, we were very proud!
With my parents.
With aunt Jennie.  
(We also took a picture with Trav's Mom, but somehow that didn't end up on my camera.  I'll have to get it from Jennie or Pam)
4 Generations of Page's in my family.
Robyn Page, Steven Page, Emily Page and now Ava Page.  
My Grandma Ferguson (the original Evelyn Page) would have LOVED this picture!  
Ava and her look-alike, Grandpa :) It's uncanny how often we think she looks just like my Dad!
After church, we had lunch with all my cousins and somehow I forgot to get my camera out.  Oh well.  After all the commotion, this little girl was happy to get home, in comfy clothes and stretch out a little bit :) And yes, as her shirt says, no one com-pears to her!!
Is there anything cuter than watching your parents play with your child??
My parents and sister left this afternoon and tomorrow Travis' mom heads home too.  It's been a wonderful week and weekend, but now it's back to reality :)
Dinner is calling and so is the laundry. 

Happy Sunday!


Jesse and Stacie said...

1.) I love that Trav is holding his phone in hand, and probably texting, in the mini golf picture :) Jesse wore his purple shirt yesterday too!
2.) I like your purple shirt and earrings!
3.) Her dress is adorable!! Wish we could have been there.
4.) I didn't know Robyn's middle name was Page
5.) Love all the pics...miss her so much!! And all of you of course :)

Jesse and Stacie said...

The four-generations picture...

"Well, Stephie - what a cute picture that is!" (Evelyn Ferguson)


The France Family said...

She is sooo adorable! Ahhh love those Minnesota nights! :)

all up in each others bizness said...

i love how your moms shirt matched avas pants in the last accident??? I THINK NOT! ;)

Ron and Peggy said...

Oh! There's Granny's quilt with her precious redheaded greatgrandaughter on it!! Love it. Will show mom tonite, she's still asleep now. So glad your big wedding weekend went smashingly and Ava is bonafide in the child of Christian parents club.

Rebecca Jo said...

Your formula cracked me up... especially the "Epic proportions"... funny!!!

Ava is just so darn adorable!!!! She always looks so interested in what's going on around her.

That dress is just precious too! Such a doll baby!

My fav pic - I guess the one with her grandma - where her hand is on her shoulder - its like she's hugging her ... just too darn sweet!

The Dorns said...

I love her gress dress so beautiful. I also love that she matches your moms top in the last picture.

We recently went to MN and we drove by the indoor waterparkyou recently visited and I blurted outloud hey such and such went there and my husband said whos that. I told him it was someones blog I read. He teased me and said Im silly. I then told him it was the baby with with cute red hair and he said oh Ok. See he pays attention when Im reading blogs. To bad I wasnt able to convince him to take me and Landon there. Hope you arehaving better weather then when we were there. It rained almost the whole time.

Amanda Hoyt said...

Great pics and looks like ya'll had a great weekend!
Hugs and prayers,

Erin said...

Cant wait to see some pictures! Looks like you had a fun summer night! I can't believe how big she is getting!

Holly said...

Wow... what a week for you...I'm so glad you had so much help! I love little Ava and besides the red hair she reminds me so much of my girls! I wish it would get cool in TX and I love that she has a grandma named Texie. Did I hear that you might be coming thru Dallas soon?!

taralynn819 said...

I love Centennial Lakes! We always eat at Q Cumbers when we go there.