Show Us Your Life-Wedding Edition!

Today I'm participating in Kelly's "Show Us Your Life" tour and showing you some pictures from our wedding day.  This week we are supposed to show you our wedding party, pictures from the ceremony, and flowers.  I thought it would be only fair to show you our pictures, after all the other weddings I've shown you this week and because I also did my own flowers.  
And I loved them :) 

But, the real reason that I'm jumping in this week, is because tomorrow, August 1st, Travis and I celebrate 6 years of wedded bliss!  6 years ago tonight, we were walking that aisle in preparation for the real deal!  Before I show you pictures and tell you any details, let me just say that if I had it to do all over again, I would marry Travis in a heartbeat, just the way we did it!  We loved our wedding, loved the people who were there, and loved the way the whole day went.  I'm really grateful that I can say that, 6 years later.  Sure, some things went wrong, but nothing that was important to us and nothing that isn't more than just a funny memory today.  So, without further ado...
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Armstrong!
We got married at Faith Bible Church in Naples, Florida.  Travis was a part-time youth pastor there.  Our close friend, Forrest Head, married us.  He and his wife Karen remain mentors to us today.  
My Dad walking me down the aisle.
We chose to get married in Naples, because we were both living there at the time.  It's where we met, where we fell in love and where "our" friends were.  Both of our families were very gracious to agree to that and we were more than blessed by the number of family and friends who made the trek down for the big day!
My favorite picture ever!  Travis crying as I walked towards him.  As if I didn't already want to marry him, this made me want to run down that aisle and hug him!!
I loved everything about that church.  It was a beautiful, colonial style and I loved how it was simply decorated.  Those rose petals all over the aisle were so beautiful to me.  It's still one of my favorite looks in a church.  
Our darling ring-bearer (one of 2) and the flower girl.  Don't you just love how sweet they are??  Chloe's mom was worried about her shoes not fitting and I told her, "why don't we just let her go without?"  It was darling and very appropriate for a south florida wedding!  I think she looks so sweet in this picture.  
This was the first time Travis saw me that day.  Our photographer had me wait outside the doors while he came up from downstairs.  It was so sweet.  We have it on video and you can hear our reactions.  I just love it.
I didn't participate in the wedding dress portion last week, but as you can see, here it is.  It was so beautiful, I still adore it.  We found it in Tampa and I have never second-guessed it :) 
Not yet anyway!
Probably one of our favorite shots for the day.  I kind of felt like royalty :) 
My parents and I
My sisters and I.  
As you can see, the bridesmaids wore gold dresses and I used orange roses and yellow gerbera daisies in their bouquets.  I wanted bright flowers because it was August and we were in Florida.  
My bouquet was a cascade one with ivory roses, ivory freesia, white stock, mango calla lilies and lots of greens.  I had a blast making this.  Everyone told me not to do the flowers for my own wedding, but being the stubborn person that I am, I did it anyway.  As it turns out, it was the best choice for me.  Because I am a control freak, I got to design everything the way I wanted it and it was a huge stress relief.  I got a whole day to take a break from everything around me and just put it all together.  I always wanted to do that and I'm so glad I did.
Look at those cuties!  
Chloe is Travis' cousin Jeremy's daughter. 
Jonathan was Forrest and Karen's youngest and Jeffrey was Chloe's older brother.
We had a huge wedding party!
From left to right, Heather, Amber, Steph, Stacie, Chloe, Me, Jennie, Karlyne, Kim and Kristy.
Friends from childhood, friends from Naples, and my sisters.  
Travis and his guys.
Jeremy, Mike, Jason, John, Jeffrey, Jonathan, Travis, Kristian, Robin, Logan, and Jeremy.
The obligatory garter shot :) 
And the "groom on the bar" shot!  This one really makes us laugh, especially since Travis is a Pastor.  It definitely doesn't have anything to do with what he's all about :) But seriously, isn't that round, black granite bar amazing??  Next week I will tell you the story of this clubhouse, where our reception was, and my connection to it.
Love the palm tree in the background.  It happened to be pouring rain when this shot was taken.  We were under a big overhang :) 
So happy to be married!
Our favorite picture of all.

6 years ago tonight we were dining on the beach with our family and friends, waiting for August 1st to arrive.  6 years later, we are having dinner with our daughter, wondering where these last 6 years have gone.  One thing we do know, we are blessed beyond measure to have each other!  

Happy Anniversary Travy!!


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my goodness... what a beautiful bride.. & a beautiful wedding...

Look at you now - a familly with an adorable baby... life can be good - cant it!

Jesse and Stacie said...

Happy Anniversary Trav and Steph!! Your wedding was SO much fun...and La Playa wasn't too bad either. :) Hope you guys have a great day tomorrow! Love you!!
p.s. I'm a little mortified my bridesmaid pictures have been posted on the world wide web! :)

Michele said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember crying like a baby at your wedding...I think partly because our turn was coming up. I was definitely taking notes. Did you know that the picture Jeremy and I used on our program was taken just before your wedding. I think of you and Travis whenever I see the picture and remember where we were going. You guys had such a fun reception. Thanks for inviting us.

Heather said...

Steph- Your wedding was BEAUTIFUL!! I loved seeing the pics! Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your special day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Your wedding was so special to us for so many reasons! Happy Anniversary, ya'll! ~Ian & Melissa

Ron and Peggy said...

Such good memories! We had the BEST time.

Joyce said...

Happy Anniversary!

Dave and Jen said...

I'll tell you something that went wrong that day: Stacie and Jennie's hair!
Happy Anniversary Steph and Trav! Can't believe it was 6 years ago today. And now you have sweet little Ava Pagey! Have fun today!

Ron and Peggy said...


Dave and Jen said...

Mom says something else that went wrong: HER hair!

Faith said...

So lovely!!! You did look like royalty in that picture...gorgeous!

Happy Happy Anniversary to you two!!

petrii said...

Oh Steph,
What an absolutely beautiful bride you made and what a beautiful wedding!!! The flowers were amazing, as are you my dear!!

How sweet that Travis cried when he saw you. I love that!!

You are so sweet dear one. Thank you so much for sharing this special day with us.

Have a Blessed Sunday,