Good News!!

Wanna hear some good news??
I've got two things to tell you...

-My Aunt Jennie started a new job this fall as the director of a pre-school!! I am really proud of Aunt Jennie because she is the youngest director for sure and she's not even done with school yet! She's finishing up her last year and working full-time AND doing a great job! You can check her out here and see all that she's responsible for. It's quite impressive :) Maybe she'll give Mommy and Daddy some ideas about preschool when I'm old enough to go?

-Yesterday, my Aunt Stacie and Uncle Jesse got great news when Uncle Jesse got offered a new job!! Uncle Jesse graduated this Spring with his Master's degree and they've been patiently waiting and praying for a job ever since. Just when they were about to move and re-group, Uncle Jesse got a surprise call and landed a great job! And the best part is that they are going to live in Virginia Beach, VA, which means future beach trips for me!!

Congratulations Jennie and Dave, and Stacie and Jesse!
I love you and Mommy and Daddy are proud of you.
Love your favorite niece,


Erin said...

That is great news especially with how many people are in need of jobs! Tell them we are proud of them too!

Jesse and Stacie said...

Thanks Ava Page! Now you come visit :)

Ron and Peggy said...

Wow! I know you are so thankful to have such exciting things happening for your little sises. Ava is looking so grown up and more like you or your mom depending on the pic. Don't know how far Virginia Beach is from J & M but it's in the same state, we'll just have to have a mini family reunion somewhere in the middle.