Three Day Weekend?? Yes, please!

Happy Labor Day!
Guess who came for a visit??
Yep, Grandma and Grandpa!
We've had such a fun, relaxing weekend with the most beautiful weather ever!
It's been just perfect...kind of like this picture :) Don't you wish you lived in Minnesota too?
On Saturday night, we decided to go eat at a new restaurant, on a big lake here. It was the perfect night for waiting by the water. Ava was very taken with all there was to look at. Don't you love her new fall outfit?? That little fleece vest just kills me :)
But even more taken with her Grandpa and Grandma.
While we were waiting, we saw lots of people come and go via boat. My parents particularly loved this boat because its' sign says: "Life beyond Tuition"
They thought that was so funny!!
They are about to do a big remodel on their kitchen and now they want to title it:
"The Kitchen Beyond Tuition" :)
When we got home, Ava decided to snack on my Dad's hat!
And grab anything else she could get her little fingers on!
What a little cutie she was for my parents :)
She pulled out all her tricks while they were here!
And she looked pretty darn adorable too.
I think they'll keep her :)
What do you think??

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend too!


The Dorns said...

omg she has always been the cutest baby but oh my she is getting so beautiful. The closeup picture of her face she looks so big girl pretty. Landon is growing so fast and his face has changed this last month. I thought he couldnt get nay cuter but he is. Im jealous of your beautiful weather in MN, its been so sweaty hot here in CA 99 -106. Yuck!

Jesse and Stacie said...

Oh my goodness. Those pictures of her chewing Dad's hat and grabbing at his face are too funny!! I love that white headband on her, so cute! :)

Rebecca Jo said...

Does this baby ever look unhappy??? I cant get enough of that face!!!

I love her eating the hat... like little puppy dogs when they're teething!!! What a good sport for grandpa to allow for some smacking around too!

Ron and Peggy said...

I know you thoroughly enjoyed that visit! Ava was such a great companion at dinner with so much to add to the conversation, I bet. Love the hair baubs.