10 (1/2) Months old!!

I finally got a picture taken of my sweet girl, only 2 weeks late!!  As you can see, she is really changing these days and growing up right before our eyes.  She looks so much like a little girl in this picture, I don't know where my baby has gone :) Because I'm a little behind, this is going to be a quick recap this month!  So here goes...

-Ava, you are around 17 lbs now and you are starting to wear 9-12 months clothes all the time.  
-Your foot is a size 3 and I have to put shoes on you as much as possible now because you always want to pull your socks off!  
-We're still in a size 3 diaper and probably will be a little bit longer.
-You have 4 front teeth, with a molar that's started to push through and another tooth on the top coming right behind it! 
As evidenced here, you are full of toothy grins now and we LOVE it!!  You love to squint your eyes and open that mouth so we can see all your teeth when you smile.  It makes us laugh every time, which makes you smile bigger and longer!  Getting you up in the morning or from a nap is really just an exercise in who can grin and smile the longest...You are such a little ball of JOY and we love you.
You are a very adventurous girl and there isn't much you aren't willing to touch or try.  You LOVE dogs, especially Ryley and you have no fear around them.  You spend much of your time at Grandma and Grandpa's house, chasing Tigger and trying to climb in his kennel!  At home, you love to follow Ryley around and put your hands all over him.  I think you will probably be an animal lover, based on your behavior so far!
Your very favorite thing of all time right now, is Mommy or Daddy's cell phone.  You are obsessed with it!  You have gotten so smart, you even know how to unlock our touch screens and launch different applications.  We can already use this as a bargaining tool with you because you'll do just about anything to get your hands on it!  Of course getting it out of your hands is an entirely different story...
Of course the big story of this month is really just how mobile you are.  You love to climb over, under, through, in and out of ANYTHING you can think of.  
I catch you tangled up in all sorts of things all day long.
But it doesn't take you long to figure out what to do!
The world has become your jungle gym and you are very happy to explore it!
You are so proud of yourself when you are "done" and we sit and laugh at the crazy things you are doing!  And also at your hair.  It's WILD.  Just like you :) 
My goodness you are so much fun!  And so much work.  Mommy has her eyes on you like a Hawk Ava!!  Never forget that :) 
We love you sweet girl!!  You are a delight to our souls and the little firecracker we needed in our lives!
Happy 10 (almost 11) months!!!


~Bekah said...

awww sweet Ava! what a big girl you're becomin just like Miss Shelby! Shelby will be 9 months on the 12th and boy o boy, we're afraid walking will start really soon! she crawls like crazy and pulls up and wants to stand all the time. She has NO TEETH YET though and I'm beginning to get annoyed w/ this! Teething never seems to end but i'm tryin to be patient! Oh, and Shelby has that pink bear. It HAD a music/sound (NOISE)devise in it but I QUICKLY removed it after night after night of Shelby turning it on and it on all night long keepin her awake so "Miss Banana" which is what Josh named the bear since that seems to be shelby's fav. bedtime food, is sound free, JUST LIKE MOMMY LIKES HER :) but o sooo cuddly! we put a newborn onesie on Bananas since shelby could never wear it and i adored it so much.

Ron and Peggy said...

That is one cute little baby with those teeth peeking out. Unbelievable she is 10 mos. Love the outfit.

Faith said...

That is the cutest little toothy grin! I just cannot believe how big she is getting. She is almost!!!

Erin said...

ok she is getting cuter and cuter.. I just love her smile :) Keep those eyes on her like a hawk ha ha, I just welcomed my 2nd little girl and I don't think I will be getting any sleep when they are in junior high and high school!!

Was wondering where you got those baskets that are in her room, I am looking for some for alex room to go under her bed and those look perfect and big!!!