Life in Naples (Part Three)

We spent our last two nights in Naples, which was fun because Travis and I used to live there!   We met in Naples after college, fell in love and got married there.  So of course, we have sweet friends and family here and precious memories.  Naples holds a tremendously special place in our hearts.  
My grandparents live in Naples, so we were able to spend some time with them, introducing them to their first great-granddaughter!  
4 generations together!  My Grandpa, My Mom, Me and Ava.  
So glad we had this opportunity to be together.
Grandpa with his daughter and great-granddaughter.
My Grandpa and Grandma.  
My Grandma had some very serious health problems this year and was in critical condition for awhile.  We are praising the Lord that he granted her more time with us and that she is finally feeling better and able to get back on her feet.
We had a wonderful visit with them and were able to watch our UNI Panthers beat Kansas during March Madness!!!  It was an amazing game and since we're all from Iowa, we had a vested interest in this game!!  I graduated from UNI and my Mom currently works there, so we were crazy people yelling and screaming the whole time!  I'm sure the neighbors thought we were wild :) 
On our last day, we headed to old Naples for some authentic and fresh seafood.
Only a student health nurse would find great humor in this!  
She wishes she had more students who believed this instead of making so many poor choices :) 
Ava was a ham during lunch.  She quickly realized that Grandpa would pick her up and walk around with her the second she got bored, so it didn't take very long for that to happen each time we went out to eat!
Travis had his favorite, stone crabs and I had the best coconut shrimp of my life!  
Afterwards, we found a speed boat that Ava went crazy in :) She laughed and grinned and giggled in there for 20 minutes.  And we never even turned it on!  
We went to one of our favorite Naples beach spots.  
It was warm, but it was windy!
Ava was not sure about the whole thing!
But she did love watching the seagulls with Grandma!
We tried to get her to play in the sand, but she was having none of it!
We just about blew away!
My favorite!!  This is what she thought of the sand in her toes...she hated it!!
My parents.
Our little family.
Our dear friends, The Heads.  We stayed with them for our last two nights and had a blast catching up with them.  Travis lived with them when their youngest Jonathan was born.  Now, he's in 5th grade!  We have loved watching these boys grow up and gleaning all the wisdom we can from Forrest and Karen.  They are precious mentors to us and we loved being able to see them. 


Toni :O) said...

You got so many beautiful photos...what a great memory for you, especially with Ava's that is a true blessing!

Erin said...

Your mom , you and ava look so much alike!! :) Love all the photos!

Anonymous said...

the love in your fmaily flows out of the pictures :) so happy for you guys.

ps. my kids are 9 and 4 and still act that way about sand in there toes at the beach..they HATE it,lol