Quite a day so far :) It must be a Monday.

-Travis has a cold and doesn't feel well at all.  Bad sore throat, congestion, etc.  He's sooooo easy to peg when he's sick.  He's goes from crazy energy to none whatsoever.  Poor guy.  He's been in bed most of the day resting.
-Ava, was crabby city all weekend, but only because she is teething again.  Lord help us all.  Will this teething thing ever end???  She's now very fond of the tylenol bottle.  She grins when I bring it over to her and opens her mouth pretty wide.  Then she cries when I take it away.  Hopefully we're through the worst of this latest round!  I DON'T want her to be teething while we're on vacation!  How can I control that??  :)
Oh wait, I can't.
-We were having a perfectly nice morning, she and I, playing and exploring while Travis slept.  Minutes after he woke up, she was pushing her car all over the house when she ran into the tin that holds Ryley's dog food, knocking his water bowl over onto her foot.  His very HEAVY water bowl.  Poor baby.  She screamed a terrible scream that made both of us jump and one of us cry.  Many, many tears and sobs later, I think we're going to escape with just some bruising on the top of her foot and on her big toe.  Very grateful she seems to be putting weight on it again and moving it pretty well.  I certainly don't want her to be in a cast for her first trip to the ocean!
-Knock on wood, but so far I seem fine.  Hoping to run a few errands today and get caught up on the laundry. I'm in a list making kind of mood, so I am writing one after another in preparation for our trip.  Resisting the urge to make one for Travis too :) I don't think he sees the novelty in them that I do.
-Watched the Oscars last night and was THRILLED to see Sandra Bullock win!  I loved her in the Blind Side and in The Proposal.  I thought she looked beautiful and was very deserving.  Plus, I loved her speech.  And when it comes to the Oscars, I rarely love anyone's speech!  Oh and I also thought Steve Martin and Alex Baldwin were hilarious!  I wished they would have been on more, they were great together.
-I have to cut this short because Ava has once again, closed herself in her room.  That's our new game.  She closes her door, then stands behind it banging on it because she wants out :) I'm sure the neighbors must think we are under construction with all the banging around here!  She must do this 20 times a day :)

Happy Monday everyone!


Sonya said...

My husband is the same way with lists! I always have several lists going at any time. He tells me I have lists of my lists! I probably do! Hope you all get/stay well before your vacation!

Lindsey said...

How cute that she plays that game. I am sure as annoying as it is one day you will wish she is playing it again :) Have a great week and I hope everyone feels better in your household!