16.5 Months

It's been 4 months since I've updated you on Ava's "stats" and her latest antics!  I've been waiting until we had her 15 month appointment so I could give you the accurate info, but due to our busy summer, we just got in last week (1.5 months late!)  Better late than never, right??  Anyway, here are some of your stats Ava...

-You weigh 20.9 lbs.  You are tiny still and in the 10th percentile.  I had to laugh when I realized you've only gained 2 lbs since you turned one, I'm sure it's because you're sooooo busy you must work everything off just as soon as you eat it!

-You are 31.5" tall and in the 68th percentile, which means you're pretty tall!  I've realized that lately as many of your pants, shorts, and dresses are all of the sudden too short.

-You wear a size 4 diaper now and most of your clothes are 12-18 months, which is right on schedule.  We just have to look for "slim" everything to make sure it stays on you!

-You are still a wonderful napper, usually napping twice a day and sleeping about 11 hours at night.  

-You LOVE to eat!!  You like so much of what we eat Ava and you always want to try a bite of whatever is on our plate, even if you don't like it.  You like meat, cheese, fruit, dairy, juice, milk, ice water, and snacks but veggies are a harder sell.  I can usually sneak a few in here and there, but I'm hoping to land on something that you really love soon!  
One of our favorite developments in you, is your speech!  This is a common sight around our house, you pointing at something or someone and babbling like crazy until we figure out what you're "talking" about!  You say all kinds of words now and are trying to imitate or copy much of what we say.  You love to make the sounds that different animals make and you are surprising us with what you comprehend and remember.  Your first big word, besides "mama" and "daddy" was really the word, "Apple."  You picked it up in a book and you called everything an "apple" for awhile.  Now you say tons of other things too...
You are really taking your world in Ava, watching and observing so many things.  You are curious and interested in all the sights and sounds of life.  You just discovered airplanes in the sky and birds that fly by and you love to stop and point at them, grinning and babbling about what you see.  
You are a sweet and tender little girl Ava and one of our favorite things is watching you "blow kisses!"  You basically lick your hand and smack your lips, then throw your arm in the direction of whomever is lucky enough to receive it.  It melts our hearts every time and makes us smile.  I hope blowing kisses is something we can always share with you...
You're still a monkey in every sense of the word!  I'm quickly losing every spot where I used to "hide" something from you because you are able to reach it or can figure out how to climb up to get it!  I find you in funny places all the time, like this day when you were in the basket of your stroller :) 
You've also picked up a new fascination and that is with your clothes and shoes!
You love to "try" different things on and model them for us.
Like your swimsuit cover-up :) 
You are starting to have an opinion about what we put on you and you make it clear when you don't like it or want it off!
You have a great little imagination and you love to walk around the house, playing by yourself and gathering all your little toys and trinkets.
We wish we knew what you were thinking, but we love to see you imitate what we do.  One thing is always with you though, and that is your blankie.  You are quickly becoming a little "Linus" as you drag  that blankie everywhere you go!
Of course your big news at this age is that we have now moved you from your crib to a big girl bed.  
You are doing great and we've had no problems so far!  You seem to love your new digs and all of your naps and bedtimes have been very smooth so far.  You also got a new room out of the deal and you love to play in here with all of your toys and lots more space.  You're such a big girl Ava, we just can't believe it!!
On the first morning we went to get you, after your inaugural night in your new bed, we walked in to discover our little girl instead of our little baby.  You stood right up, jumping and running all over your bed, and grinning about your new freedom.  We felt like we really closed a chapter on your baby days and are just beginning a whole new phase of your life.  You're so close to becoming a big sister now and we are so delighted that Carter will have you to grow up with and love.  

We are proud to be your Mommy and Daddy and we love each and every "new" phase of your development.  We are discovering another piece of who you are and how God made you, every day.  You were "fearfully and wonderfully made" and we want you to always remember that no matter what you do or how life unfolds, we will always love YOU for who YOU are and we will always praise the Lord for the way He perfectly crafted YOU in the Heavenlies.  He knows every red hair on your head and He has ordained your every day.  We rest in knowing that He holds you in His very capable and loving hands and He will keep you close to His heart for all your days.  

We love you sweet girl!  
What a wonderful 16.5 months it's been, we can't wait for all the precious days ahead!


Darla said...

It's crazy to think Ava is as old as she is. Feels like yesterday we were praying for you guys to be able to conceive. God is so good, isn't He?
Okay, I absolutely LOVE that picture of Ava with her hand up. What an adorable little gal she is.

Shannon said...

She is a cutie!!

I feel the same way when I walk past the mat boards and everything too! I'm SOO glad those days are behind us! Hahaha

Ron and Peggy said...

Love the hoodie. Such a sweet face.

Holly said...

Love it!... she seems so much older than Mary even though they are only 6 weeks apart. I think it cause Mary is still crawling and I can't imagine her in a big girl bed. I remember with Ellie needing her to be more independent cause Anna was coming so soon. You will be thankful for her willing to do so much!